Landscape and Culture in Northern Eurasia

This unique volume aims to break down the lingering linguistic boundaries that continue to divide up the circumpolar world, to move beyond ethnographic ‘thick description’ to integrate the study of northern Eurasian hunting and herding societies more effectively by encouraging increased international collaboration between archaeologists, ethnographers and historians, and to open new directions for archaeological investigation of spir...

Mediterranean Families in Antiquity

This comprehensive study of families in the Mediterranean world spans the Bronze Age through Late Antiquity, and looks at families and households in various ancient societies inhabiting the regions around the Mediterranean Sea in an attempt to break down artificial boundaries between academic disciplines.

Rising from the Ruins: Roman Antiquities in Neoclassic Literature

The neoclassic tendency to write about the ruins of Rome was both an attempt to recapture the grandeur of the 'golden age' of man as well as a lament for the passing of a great civilization. John Dyer, who wrote 'The Ruins of Rome' in 1740, was largely responsible for the eighteenth-century revival of a unique subgenre of landscape poetry dealing with ruins of the ancient world. Few poems about the ruins had been written since 'Antiq...

Western Amazonia- Amazonia Ocidental

, "Western Amazonia- Amazonia Ocidental: Multidisciplinary Studies on Ancient Expansionistic Movements, Fortifications and Sedentary Life"

A Concise Public Speaking Handbook, 4th Edition

Offers an audience-centered approach to public speaking A Concise Public Speaking Handbook integrates the steps of preparing and delivering a speech with the ongoing process of considering the audience. The comprehensive coverage of key public speaking topics and skills makes this title an ideal core text for public speaking courses and its low cost makes it affordable as a supplement for any course or setting that requires public sp...

Ethnography and Language Policy

Illuminating, through ethnographic inquiry, how individual agents "make" language policy in everyday social practice, this volume advances the growing field of language planning and policy using a critical sociocultural approach. From this perspective, language policy is conceptualized not only as official acts and documents, but as language-regulating modes of human interaction, negotiation, and production mediated by relations of p...

Representing "U": Popular Culture, Media, and Higher Education, AEHE 40:4

From the magazines and newspapers of the mid-1800s to movies and apps of the twenty-first century, popular culture and media in the United States provide prolific representations of higher education. This report positions artifacts of popular culture as pedagogic texts able to (mis)educate viewers and consumers regarding the purpose, values, and people of higher education. It: • Discusses scholarly literature across disciplines • Exa...

Second Language Socialization and Learner Agency: Adoptive Family Talk

This book examines how Russian-speaking adoptees in three US families actively shape opportunities for language learning and identity construction in everyday interactions. This work focuses on how learners achieve agency in second language socialization processes and informs the fields of second language acquisition and language maintenance and shift.

A Social Archaeology of Households in Neolithic Greece

The study of households and everyday life is increasingly recognized as fundamental in social archeological analysis. This volume is the first to address the household as a process and as a conceptual and analytical means through which we can interpret social organization from the bottom up. Using detailed case studies from Neolithic Greece, Stella Souvatzi examines how the household is defined socially, culturally, and historically;...