Queer Singapore: Illiberal Citizenship and Mediated Cultures

Singapore remains one of the few countries in Asia that has yet to decriminalise homosexuality. Yet it has also been hailed by many as one of the emerging gay capitals of Asia. This book accounts for the rise of mediated queer cultures in Singapore's current milieu of illiberal citizenship. This collection analyses how contemporary queer Singapore has emerged against a contradictory backdrop of sexual repression and cultural liberali...

Variational Text Linguistics: Revisiting Register in English

This volume fosters the field of 'variational text linguistics'. Its focus on both functional and regional types of textual variation provides new insights into the concept of 'register'. The book is a forum for the description and discussion of registers which have not received enough linguistic attention so far. The studies collected point out emerging trends as well as new directions for future research.

Tone and Inflection

Tone is about melody and meaning, inflection is about grammar, and this book is about a bit of both by studying complex ways in which the tones of a given language engage in the expression of grammatical meaning. The book includes chapters on both general issues concerning tone and inflection as well as case studies on lesser known languages of Asia, Africa, Papua New Guinea, and Mesoamerica, with a special focus on the Oto-Manguean ...

The Bloomsbury Companion to Stylistics

This Bloomsbury Companion provides an overview of stylistics with a detailed outline of the scope and history of the discipline, as well as its key areas of research. The main research methods and approaches within the field are presented with a detailed overview and then illustrated with a chapter of unique new research by a leading scholar in the field. The Companion also features in-depth explorations of current research areas in ...

The Use of Signing Space in a Shared Sign Language of Australia

In this book, an Australian Aboriginal sign language used by Indigenous people in the North East Arnhem Land (Northern Territory) is described on the level of spatial grammar. Topics discussed range from properties of individual signs to structure of interrogative and negative sentences. The main interest is the manifestation of signing space - the articulatory space surrounding the signers - for grammatical purposes in Yolngu Sign L...

The Austronesians: Historical and Comparative Perspectives

The Austronesian-speaking population of the world are estimated to number more than 270 million people, living in a broad swathe around half the globe, from Madagascar to Easter Island and from Taiwan to New Zealand. The seventeen papers in this volume provide a general survey of these diverse populations focusing on their common origins and historical transformations. The papers examine current ideas on the linguistics, prehistory, ...

Diasporic Chineseness after the Rise of China

As China rose to its position of global superpower, Chinese groups in the West watched with anticipation and trepidation. In this volume, international scholars examine how artists, writers, filmmakers, and intellectuals from the Chinese diaspora represented this new China to global audiences. The chapters, often personal in nature, focus on the nexus between the political and economic rise of China and the cultural products this per...

Marriage in Turkish German Popular Culture

During the first decade of this millennium Germany’s largest ethnic minority—Turkish Germans—began to enjoy a new cultural prominence in German literature, film, television and theater. While controversies around forced marriage and “honor” killings have driven popular interest in the situation of Turkish-German women, popular culture has played a key role in diversifying portrayals of women and men of Turkish heritage. This book doc...

Defining the Modern Museum: A Case Study of the Challenges of Exchange

Defining the Modern Museum is a fascinating exploration of the museum as a cultural institution. Emphasizing museums' relationship to schools, libraries, and government agencies, this interdisciplinary study challenges long-standing assumptions about museums – revealing their messy, uncertain origins, and belying the standard narrative of their educational purpose having been corrupted by corporate goals. Using theoretical models and...