Pronunciation for English as an International Language: From Research to Practice

Pronunciation plays a crucial role in learning English as an international language, yet often remains marginalised by educators due to a lack of required phonetic and phonological knowledge. Pronunciation for English as an International Language bridges the gap between phonetics, phonology and pronunciation and provides the reader with a research based guide on how best to teach the English language. The book follows an easy to foll...

Tutti gli scritti sull'arte e sulla letteratura. Testo tedesco a fronte

Questa edizione riunisce in un unico volume tutti i principali scritti di Rainer Maria Rilke sull'arte e sulla letteratura, permettendo così al lettore italiano di inoltrarsi nella complessità e nella ricchezza dell'estetica di uno dei più grandi poeti della fin de siècle. In ogni quadro, in ogni poesia, in ogni racconto e in ogni scultura Rilke cerca sempre di ritrovare se stesso, di vedere espressa con strumenti e modalità differen...

The Italian American Table

Best Food Book of 2014 by The Atlantic Looking at the historic Italian American community of East Harlem in the 1920s and 30s, Simone Cinotto recreates the bustling world of Italian life in New York City and demonstrates how food was at the center of the lives of immigrants and their children. From generational conflicts resolved around the family table to a vibrant food-based economy of ethnic producers, importers, and restaurateurs...

Analysing Power in Language: A practical guide

Analysing Power in Language introduces students to a range of analytical techniques for the critical study of texts.Each section of the book provides an in-depth presentation of a different method of analysis with worked examples and texts for students to analyse and discuss. Answer keys are also provided for the analyses. Taking text analysis as the first step in discourse analysis, Analysing Power in Language: • Explores the relati...

Spectral Shakespeares: Media Adaptations in the Twenty-First Century

Spectral Shakespeares is an illuminating exploration of recent, experimental adaptations of Shakespeare on film, TV, and the web. Drawing on adaptation studies and media theory as well as Jacques Derrida's work, the book argues that these adaptations foreground a cluster of self-reflexive "themes" - from incorporation to reiteration, from migration to addiction, from silence to survival - that contribute to the redefinition of adapta...

Storytelling: An Encyclopedia of Mythology and Folklore

Storytelling is an ancient practice known in all civilizations throughout history. Characters, tales, techniques, oral traditions, motifs, and tale types transcend individual cultures - elements and names change, but the stories are remarkably similar with each rendition, highlighting the values and concerns of the host culture. Examining the stories and the oral traditions associated with different cultures offers a unique view of p...

Salvaging Spenser: Colonialism, Culture and Identity

Salvaging Spenser is a major new work of literary revision which places Edmund Spenser's corpus, from The Shepheardes Calender to A View of the Present State of Ireland, within an elaborate cultural and political context. The author refuses to engage in the sterile opposition between apology and attack that has marred studies of Spenser and Ireland, seeking neither to savage nor to save, but rather, in a project of critical recovery,...

Stamatios Tzitzis, Maria Protopapas-Marneli et collectif, "Mythe et justice dans la pensée grecque"

Par sa culture et sa civilisation, la Grèce ancienne se révèle comme l'architecte du logos au coeur des mythes, contribuant grandement à l'héritage occidental par des trésors intellectuels et des vérités éternelles. La définition classique de la justice prend ses sources dans les expressions mythiques de la dikaiosynè qui portent nombre d'images anthropologiques : Dikè, Thémis, Némésis… En effet, chez les Hellènes, la justice mythiqu...

Louis Althusser (Transitions)

The publication of Louis Althusser's autobiography, The Future Lasts Forever, shattered the myth of Althusser as austere structural Marxist. It not only illuminated the private life of this public thinker, but suggested that his previously published works could be read very differently. Louis Althusser is the first major overview of Althusser's work since the publication in French of thousands of pages of essays, books and letters un...

The Cinema of Urban Crisis

The Cinema of Urban Crisis explores the relationships between cinema and urban crises in the United States and Europe in the 1970s. Discussing films by Robert Altman, Stanley Kubrick, and Jean-Luc Godard, among others, Lawrence Webb reflects on processes of globalization and urban change that were beginning to transform cities like New York, London, and Berlin. Throughout, the 1970s are conceptualized as a historically distinctive pe...