Imagining Joyce and Derrida: Between Finnegans Wake and Glas

"The contributions of this dense book are two: it models new ways of reading and practicing intertextuality, and it originates a more creative study of Joyce and theory. Recommended." '"Imagining Joyce and Derrida" is a singularly impressive and faithfully attentive study in how to read Joyce through Derrida, Derrida through Joyce, and, generally, how to be a good reader of both. Peter Mahon offers a scintillating read that is fresh,...

What Logics Mean: From Proof Theory to Model-Theoretic Semantics

What do the rules of logic say about the meanings of the symbols they govern? In this book, James W. Garson examines the inferential behaviour of logical connectives (such as 'and', 'or', 'not' and 'if ... then'), whose behaviour is defined by strict rules, and proves definitive results concerning exactly what those rules express about connective truth conditions. He explores the ways in which, depending on circumstances, a system of...

The Making of a Counter-Culture Icon: Henry MIller's Dostoevsky

‘Making of a Counter-Culture Icon by Maria Bloshteyn is an important achievement in the field of comparative literature. It requires courage to take an author as marginalized by the American establishment as Miller and examine his relationship to a novelist who is arguable the greatest of the nineteenth century.  Bloshteyn explores how Miller, Durrell and Nin were inspired and influenced by the Russian writer’s ideas and style. ‘Blos...

Toubab La! Literary Representations of Mixed-Race Characters in the African Diaspora

"Ginette Curry... explores the way that mixed-race characters are presented by contemporary male and female writers of the African diaspora... , adapting her varied theoretical approaches according to context. Overall, she shows the way that mixed-race characters contest or refuse racial cliches and how the authors themselves deal with the complex reality of a multiracial identity in the modern world."

African American Humor, Irony and Satire: Ishmael Reed, Satirically Speaking

"African American Humor, Irony, and Satire: Ishmael Reed, Satirically Speaking" includes select proceedings from the annual Heart's Day Conference, sponsored by the Department of English at Howard University. Among the collection's many strengths is the range of essays included here. Essays on Ishmael Reed center the collection, and satirists from George Schuyler to Aaron McGruder are examined as are popular culture comedians Richard...

Social Dimensions in the Novels of Barbara Pym, 1949-1963:

This study considers the six novels written by English novelist, Barbara Pym (1913-1980), between 1949 and 1963, which demonstrate the response of a specific class of people, represented by her heroines, to the dramatic social, cultural and demographic changes that took place in Britain at the time. Treating Pym s 1950s novels as social-historical sources, this work attempts to analyze the way in which her portrayals of society, like...

Teen Talk: The Language of Adolescents

"Teen Talk offers an exciting, thought-provoking, and engaging observation of the 'good, the bad and the lovely' aspects of youth language. Using a wide range of datasets from the Bergen Corpus of London Teenage Language to insights gained from kitchen table conversations with her own children, Tagliamonte forcefully demonstrates how the linguistic behaviour of young people offers fascinating insights into the dynamics of how linguis...

Northrop Frye's Fiction and Miscellaneous Writings: Volume 25

"Northrop Frye's Fiction and Miscellaneous Writings", the thirteenth and final volume of previously unpublished writings by the famous literary critic, retrieves a number of materials from the Frye archives - holograph notebooks, typed notes, and typescripts - that have been largely hidden until now. Among these are autobiographical reflections, short stories, an unfinished novel, and writings on a wide range of topics from Canadian ...

Trends in Contemporary Italian Narrative 1980-2007

"This volume examines Italian narrative from the 1980s to the present, from the original viewpoint of genres, categories, trends, rather than author-based analyses. It highlights the innovations of the last twenty years, incorporating into the various themes well known writers like Consolo, Celati and Vassalli, with relative newcomers like Avoledo and Pispisa. The contributors to the volume, academics from the UK, Ireland, Canada, Be...