Bodies And Culture: Discourses, Communities, Representations, Performances

Bodies and Culture is a collection of contemporary interdisciplinary research on bodies from emerging scholars in the humanities and social sciences disciplines and addresses issues relating to a range of historical and contemporary contexts, theories, and methods. Examining the diversity and capabilities of bodies, this volume focuses on the role of culture in shaping forms and conceptions of the corporeal. In particular, these essa...

Weimar Culture: The Outsider As Insider

First published in 1968, Weimar Culture is one of the masterworks of Peter Gay's distinguished career. A study of German culture between the two wars, the book brilliantly traces the rise of the artistic, literary, and musical culture that bloomed ever so briefly in the 1920s amid the chaos of Germany's tenuous post-World War I democracy, and crashed violently in the wake of Hitler's rise to power. Despite the ephemeral nature of the...

Mythology Of The Iliad And The Odyssey

Using comic-strip format and leavening myth with colloquial humor, Williams "gives Homer's epic chronicles of warring gods, mortals and monsters a rollicking new incarnation," said PW. Ages 5-up. Copyright 1998 Reed Business Information, Inc. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title. The Iliad tells the story of the war between Greeks and Trojans; the love between Helena and Paris; Achilles and Hecto...

Adonis: The Myth Of The Dying God In The Italian Renaissance

Like a prism that splits a single ray of light into a whole spectrum, this book sheds new light on a wide range of issues in the arts, sciences and humanist thought in the Italian Renaissance. An outstanding book. In this detailed treatment of the myth of Adonis in post-Classical times, Carlo Caruso provides an overview of the main texts, both literary and scholarly, in Latin and in the vernacular, which secured for the Adonis myth a...

Aphrodite And Venus In Myth And Mimesis

Aphrodite and Venus in Myth and Mimesis is a broad, flexible source book of comparative literature and cultural studies. It promotes the wide-ranging presence and impact of prominent idiosyncratic personalities in fabled goddess mythology and its emphatic notions of endearment and allure. The book brings together seven hundred acknowledged sources drawn from successive historical, global and literary eras, including principal comment...

Culture, Transnational Education And Thinking: Case Studies In Global Schooling

Culture, Transnational Education and Thinking provides an international comparative study of the intersection of three educational concepts: culture, education and thinking. Drawing on case studies from Malaysia, South Africa and Australia/USA for the purposes of comparative analysis, the book employs the context of an international school program in the teaching of thinking skills, Future Problem Solving Program International. The b...

Writing Advice For Teens: Creating Stories

I originally downloaded this book because I'm always curious about the writing advice of others but found it to be a wonderful resource for not only teens but all ages. I'm hoping to use some of Mr. Kalmbach's advice when I teach writing to my students, especially the prompt ideas. I think this would make an excellent gift or resource book for the budding writer. Kalmbach's advice is sound, simple, and attainable for the first time o...

Beckett Re-membered: After The Centenary

Now that the publication of the four-volume Letters of Samuel Beckett is well underway, we are all the more in need of volumes like Beckett Re-Membered, which maps Beckett s complex literary project in terms of his intellectual commitments. The surprising unity of this multi-authored study is primarily an effect of Beckett s own powers of concentration although a certain faithfulness of the authors to the spirit of Beckett is crucial...

The Demographic Imagination And The Nineteenth-century City: Paris, London, New York

In this provocative book, Nicholas Daly tracks the cultural effects of the population explosion of the nineteenth century, the 'demographic transition' to the modern world. As the crowded cities of Paris, London and New York went through similar transformations, a set of shared narratives and images of urban life circulated among them, including fantasies of urban catastrophe, crime dramas, and tales of haunted public transport, refr...