Woman Critiqued: Translated Essays on Japanese Women's Writing

The significance of literary translation cannot be overstated, awakening readers to the universal appeal of fine literature the world over while at the same time opening the door to specifically distinctive and particular worlds of human experience otherwise locked away behind a linguistic barrier. Then, understanding how literary works were received and understood within their own initial cultural context takes one through that open...

Swords, Oaths, and Prophetic Visions

"Swords, Oaths, and Prophetic Visions" investigates some of the most historically important political and social issues raised by the Genpei War (1180-1185). This epic civil conflict, which ushered in Japan's age of the warriors, is most famously articulated in the monumental narrative "Heike monogatari" ("The Tale of the Heike"). Elizabeth Oyler's ambitious work lays out the complex interconnections between the numerous variant text...

Extraction and Analysis of Modal Auxiliaries in Consecutive Clauses from a Corpus

Although there are a large number of grammar books that explain the form and meaning of the English modal auxiliaries, there are few resources that provide examples as to what modals could be used, and in which cases, when referring to successive clauses. Modal auxiliaries are among the most difficult structures to teach to students of English as a second or foreign language. Some combinations of modals are more commonly used than ot...

When Canadian Literature Moved to New York

Canadian literature was born in New York City. It began not in the backwoods of Ontario or the salt flats of New Brunswick, but in the cafés, publishing offices, and boarding houses of late nineteenth-century New York, where writing developed as a profession and where the groundwork for the Canadian canon was laid. So argues Nick Mount in When Canadian Literature Moved to New York. The last decades of the nineteenth century saw an ex...

Medieval Literature and Culture: A student guide

'[This] series offers both the student reader and teacher exciting and invaluable interventions in and reorientations around questions of history, culture, and period ... With brio, verve, and an admirable brevity, the series grounds our understanding of literature and culture in thought-provoking and highly original ways. ... an indispensible series that will set the benchmark for all such surveys and overviews.' - Julian Wolfreys, ...

The Shadowed Country: Claude McKay and the Romance of the Victorians

One of the most important voices of the Harlem Renaissance, Claude McKay is largely recognized for his work during the 1920s, which includes a major collection of poems, Harlem Shadows, as well as a critically acclaimed novel, Home to Harlem. But McKay was never completely comfortable with his literary reputation during this period. Throughout his world travels, he saw himself as an English lyricist. In this compelling examination of...

Elizabeth Manning Hawthorne: A Life in Letters

"Nathaniel Hawthorne and his older sister, Elizabeth, were, in their early years, reading companions and discussants of things literary. Their uncle, Robert Manning, sent Nathaniel, but not Elizabeth, to college. The Elizabeth who emerges from this collection of 118 of 288 surviving letters is an independent, beautiful, intelligent, observant, self-educated, loving, acerbic, prejudiced, and lonely woman who refused to do housework, l...

The Politics of Cultural Capital

"This is a thorough and insightful study that pleasantly surprises with the wide scope of its coverage. The author has really mastered the major issues and debates in modern and contemporary Chinese literature and culture. The book will be particularly valuable to students, scholars, and a general audience interested in a quick survey of modern Chinese intellectual history. The author's substantial interviews with key intellectual le...