Othello (Wordsworth Classics)

Edited, Introduced and Annotated by Cedric Watts, Professor of English Literature, University of Sussex This is an intense drama of love, deception, jealousy and destruction. Desdemona's love for Othello, the Moor, transcends racial prejudice; but the envious Iago conspires to devastate their lives. In its vivid rendering of racism, sexism, contested identities, and the savagery lurking within civilisation, Othello is arguably the mo...

The Myth of Natural Rights and Other Essays

No, it won t stop bullets. It won t keep people from ripping off your property. It won t even stop the government from putting you in a concentration camp, or executing you. About the only thing a natural right will stop is enlightened thinking on the ethics of liberty. Once you ve read The Myth of Natural Rights and Other Essays, you ll be able to put those imaginary protectors of freedom back in the museums where they belong. Liber...

Third Person References

This volume, a case study on the grammar of third person references in two genres of spoken Ecuadorian Spanish, examines from a discourse-analytic perspective how genre affects linguistic patterns and how researchers can look for and interpret genre effects. This marks a timely contribution to corpus linguistics, as many linguists are choosing to work with empirical data. Corpus based approaches have many advantages and are useful in...

Silence in Catullus

Both passionate and artful, learned and bawdy, Catullus is one of the best-known and critically significant poets from classical antiquity. An intriguing aspect of his poetry that has been neglected by scholars is his interest in silence, from the pauses that shape everyday conversation to linguistic taboos and cultural suppressions and the absolute silence of death.            In Silence in Catullus, Benjamin Eldon Stevens offers fr...

Boswell: Citizen of the World, Man of Letters

These eleven original essays by well-known eighteenth-century scholars, five of them editors of James Boswell's journal or letters, commemorate the bicentenary of Boswell's death on May 19, 1795. The volume illuminates both the life and the work of one of the most important literary figures of the age and contributes significantly to the scholarship on this rich period. In the introduction, Irma S. Lustig sets the tone for the volume...

Mark Twain's Book of Animals

Longtime admirers of Mark Twain are aware of how integral animals were to his work as a writer, from his first stories through his final years, including many pieces that were left unpublished at his death. This beautiful volume, illustrated with 30 new images by master engraver Barry Moser, gathers writings from the full span of Mark Twain’s career and elucidates his special attachment to and regard for animals. What may surprise ev...

Surrealismus in der deutschsprachigen Literatur

French surrealism exercised a deep influence on the visual arts and literature throughout Europe. To what extent, however, did this movement exist within German literature as well? Besides fundamental considerations of surrealism from the perspectives of literary, art and theatre studies, this volume is concerned with the search for evidence of the surreal in German literature from Romanticism to the present age - and with answering ...

Disease, Diagnosis, and Cure on the Early Modern Stage

This collection of essays makes an important contribution to scholarship by examining how the myths and practices of medical knowledge were interwoven into popular entertainment on the early modern stage. Rather than treating medicine, the theater, and literary texts separately, the contributors show how the anxieties engendered by medical socio-scientific investigations were translated from the realm of medicine to the stage by Rena...

New Perspectives on Bare Noun Phrases in Romance and Beyond

This book envisions the study of bare noun phrases as a field of research in its own right rather than an accessory matter in the wider domain of nominal determination. Combining insights from different theoretical backgrounds and extending the empirical coverage of bare noun phenomena, the ten contributions provide new perspectives on long-standing but still actively debated problems as well as investigations into previously ignored...

The Morphosyntax of Complement-Head Sequences

This is the first book on the syntax of the Niger-Conger language family, which includes most of the languages of sub-Saharan Africa. Aboh, who is a native speaker of one of the languages (Gungbe) discussed, analyzes different aspects of the syntax of the "Kwa" language group. Aboh also suggests how grammatical pictures for these languages can shed some light on Universal Grammar in general.