Exiled Royalties: Melville and the Life We Imagine

"Exiled Royalties brings us closer than we have ever been to our most profound and most mysterious novelist. Robert Milder brilliantly measures Melville's literary works against what we can know of his inner life, in a finely crafted and absorbing narrative. Milder explains Melville's early encounter with Polynesia as the catalyst for a transformation that unmoored Melville intellectually, and disquieted him emotionally, eventually u...

Proust and America

"It is strange," Proust wrote in 1909, "that, in the most widely different departments . . . there should be no other literature which exercises over me so powerful an influence as English and American." In the spirit of Proust's admission, this engaging and critical volume offers the first comparative reading of the French novelist in the context of American art, literature, and culture. In addition to examining Proust's key America...

Identifying Marks

This book will make significant differences for critics of nineteenth-century U.S literature and history; it will also appeal to scholars who work on identity politics through attention to race and gender as dynamic and historically constructed products of nineteenth-century U.S. culture.

Unsettling Partition: Literature, Gender, Memory

“Drawing an analogy between the stories of women lost during partition and the lost history of the event, Jill Didur highlights the fissures and silences in the narrative of India’s partition. It is a well-researched argument incorporating material from diverse sources - literary texts, personal testimonies and official documents. Her account, situated at the intersection of gender and nationalist discourse, reveals the gaps between ...

Detective Fiction in Cuban Society and Culture

This book examines Cuban society through a study of its detective fiction and more particularly contemporary Cuban society through the novels of the author and critic, Leonardo Padura Fuentes. The author traces the development of Cuban detective writing in the light of the work of twentieth century Western European literary critics and philosophers including Raymond Williams, Antonio Gramsci, Terry Eagleton, Roland Barthes, Jean Paul...

White Civility: The Literary Project of English Canada

In White Civility Daniel Coleman breaks the long silence in Canadian literary and cultural studies around Canadian whiteness and examines its roots as a literary project of early colonials and nation-builders. He argues that a specific form of whiteness emerged in Canada that was heavily influenced by Britishness. Examining four allegorical figures that recur in a wide range of Canadian writings between 1820 and 1950 - the Loyalist f...

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Into the Mainstream: Essays on Spanish American and Latino Literature and Culture

Into the Mainstream: Essays on Spanish American and Latino Literature and Culture is a direct outgrowth of Jorge Febles s involvement with the annual conference of the American Culture Association and the Popular Culture Association. In that sense, the compilation expands on a project initiated in 1993 by Helen Ryan-Ransom with her book Imagination, Emblems and Expressions: Essays on Latin American, Caribbean, and Continental Culture...

The Memoir and the Memoirist

This is not a how-to book on memoir writing, this is an exposition of the critical components of the art form, an explanation of what makes the contemporary memoir work. There are dozens of books that dish out the glib advice on journaling, tapping emotional scenes, etc. This book takes you beyond the obvious mechanics of putting your story into a draft, and dives into some of the vital issues anyone trying to reconstruct a narrative...

Humor, Satire, and Identity: Eastern German Literature in the 1990s

This is the first book in English to explore the Eastern German literary trend of the 1990s employing humor and satire to come to terms with socialism´s failure and a difficult unification process. The ten novels in this survey include works by Brussig, Schulze, and Hensel. These popular, contemporary texts help define Germany today from a specific, East German perspective. Grounded in politics and history, the texts are analyzed for...