Cyber Security Policy Guidebook

577e48df5acfd.jpg Author Jason Healey, Jeffrey Schmidt, Jennifer L. Bayuk, Joseph Weiss, Marcus H. Sachs, and Paul Rohmeyer
Isbn 9781118027806
File size 11 MB
Year 2012
Pages 288
Language English
File format PDF
Category IT ebooks

Book Description:

Drawing upon a wealth of experience from academia, industry, and government service, Cyber Security Policy Guidebook details and dissects, in simple language, current organizational cyber security policy issues on a global scale - taking great care to educate readers on the history and current approaches to the security of cyberspace. It includes thorough descriptions - as well as the pros and cons - of a plethora of issues, and documents policy alternatives for the sake of clarity with respect to policy alone. The Guidebook also delves into organizational implementation issues, and equips readers with descriptions of the positive and negative impact of specific policy choices.



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