The Data Access Handbook

Achieving Optimal Database Application Performance And Scalability

56aa5e955b8d8.jpg Author John Goodson and Robert A. Steward
Isbn 9780137143931
File size 4 MB
Year 2009
Pages 360
Language English
File format PDF
Category Programming

Book Description:

he Data Access Handbook

Achieving Optimal Database Application Performance and Scalability

John Goodson • Robert A. Steward

Drive breakthrough database application performance by optimizing middleware and connectivity

Performance and scalability are more critical than ever in today’s enterprise database applications, and traditional database tuning isn’t nearly enough to solve the performance problems you are likely to see in those applications. Nowadays, 75-95% of the time it takes to process a data request is typically spent in the database middleware. Today’s worst performance and scalability problems are generally caused by issues with networking, database drivers, the broader software/hardware environment, and inefficient coding of data requests. In The Data Access Handbook, two of the world’s leading experts on database access systematically address these issues, showing how to achieve remarkable improvements in performance of real-world database applications.

Drawing on their unsurpassed experience with every leading database system and database connectivity API, John Goodson and Rob Steward reveal the powerful ways middleware affects application performance and guide developers with designing and writing API code that will deliver superior performance in each leading environment. In addition to covering essential concepts and techniques that apply across database systems and APIs, they present many API examples for ODBC, JDBC, and ADO.NET as well as database system examples for DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, and Sybase.

Coverage includes

Clearly understanding how each component of database middleware can impact performance and scalability
Writing database applications to reduce network traffic, limit disk I/O, optimize application-to-driver interaction, and simplify queries–including examples for ODBC, JDBC, and ADO.NET
Managing connections, transactions, and SQL statement execution more efficiently
Making the most of connection and statement pooling
Writing good benchmarks to predict your application’s performance
Systematically resolving performance problems–including eight start-to-finish case-study examples

If you’re a software architect, system designer, or database application developer, The Data Access Handbook will be your most indispensable database application performance resource. It’s the one book that focuses on the areas where you can achieve the greatest improvements–whether you’re designing new database applications or troubleshooting existing ones.



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