Deep Brain Stimulation Programming: , 2nd Edition

Mechanisms, Principles and Practice

0043890f_medium Author Erwin B. Montgomery Jr.
Isbn 9780190259600
File size 28MB
Year 2016
Pages 248
Language English
File format PDF
Category Medicine

Book Description:

I’m a neurologist with special interests in Movement disorders and Dr Montgomery is an authority in the topic. I have all his books. The chapters are practical an we can experience it n our daily practice with DBS patients.

"As we become a bionic generation there is a large knowledge gap in programming deep brain stimulation devices. Dr. Montgomery's book addresses the principles of electrophysiology and the details of the pertinent brain regional anatomy. Dr. Montgomery helps the reader to identify and to utilize critical information to guide effective and efficient DBS programming. This is a must read, especially for new generation of health care professionals involved in the care of DBS patients."



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