In Defense Of Selfishness: Why The Code Of Self-sacrifice Is Unjust And Destructive

568cc23081b32.jpg Author Peter Schwartz
Isbn 978-1137280169
File size 434 KB
Year 2015
Pages 256
Language English
File format EPUB
Category Science

Book Description:

“Are you selfish? You should be, and Peter Schwartz knows why. In the breezy but passionate In Defense of Selfishness, Schwartz validates rational egoism as the only moral code by which humans can live and succeed. It's not bad policies that are destroying the world, but bad philosophic ideas. From charity to religion to government to romantic love, Schwartz systematically incriminates the altruist ethics that likely lies behind most decisions you make, and presents selfishness-yes, selfishness-as the moral ideal. This radical book could change the world.” ―Jonathan Hoenig, Fox News Contributor


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