A Designer's Research Manual , Second Edition

Good information gives designers a competitive advantage. Understanding the wishes of a client and the needs and preferences of their audience drives innovation. The ability to gather research, analyze findings, and apply them to project goals is as important to successful design teams as their conceptual and aesthetic skills. This essential handbook will help readers understand what design research is and why it is necessary, outlin...

Image Engineering, Volume 3: Image Understanding

This graduate textbook explains image restoration technologies based on region-based binocular and trinocular stereo vision, and object, pattern and relation matching. It further discusses principles and applications of multi-sensor fusion and content-based retrieval. Rich in examples and excises, the book concludes image engineering studies for electrical engineering and computer science students.

Art Nouveau and the Classical Tradition

This book vividly brings to light Art Nouveau artists' turning to, and transformation of, classical sources in order to express life's vitality in modern ways while coping with the anxious anticipation of a new era.

Shoji: How to Design, Build, and Install Japanese Screens

While Shoji is discussed in many Japanese architectural books, this book is a comprehensive guide specializing in shoji design and construction. The first section discusses shoji design and application involving light and space. There are many excellent b/w photos showing beautiful rooms with shoji. Section 2 describes everything you will need including tools, materials, and installation. Section 3 explains how to make a shoji screen...

Ancient Mediterranean Sea in Modern Visual and Performing Arts: Sailing in Troubled Waters

When thinking about the Mediterranean, Fernand Braudel's haunting words resound like an echo of the sea and its millenary history. From Prehistory until today, the Mediterranean has been setting, witness and protagonist of mythical adventures, of encounters with the Other, of battles and the rise and fall of cultures and empires, of the destinies of humans. Braudel's appeal for a long durée history of the Mediterranean challenged tra...

Illustrator CS4 For Dummies

I am a beginner without any previous knowledge of adobe illustrator. I have read the book from cover to cover, trying out and practicing the concepts on my laptop in illustrator after each chapter. I found the book clear and concise and conceptually fairly easy to digest, and the knowledge easy to apply when working in the actual program. I am now on my second book on cs4 illustrator which is more detailed and expansive, but I would ...

Pious Fashion : How Muslim Women Dress

For many Westerners, the Islamic veil is the ultimate sign of women’s oppression. But Elizabeth Bucar’s take on clothing worn by Muslim women is a far cry from this older feminist attitude toward veiling. She argues that modest clothing represents much more than social control or religious orthodoxy. Today, headscarves are styled to frame the head and face in interesting ways, while colors and textures express individual tastes and c...

The Everyday (Whitechapel: Documents of Contemporary Art)

Stephen Johnstone has put together a highly instructive and page-turning selection of some of the most intriguing writings examining the aesthetics of the everyday. Not only this, he also creates a revealing journey through some of the most pressing issues confronting us today. The everyday might be everywhere but this astutely edited, accessible and comprehensively documented collection brings contemporary art practice and the ordin...

Spanish and Moorish Fashions (Dover Coloring Book)

i homeschool my daughter and we love the tom tierney fashion books! we have purchased several and we have found them all fun and accurate. we have used them in our homeschool studies-because my daughter not only loves history, but fashion design as well. these books have encouraged hours of quiet and enjoyable fun, outside of school, as well. when my daughter had a surgery this past summer-these books were very helpful and relaxing, ...

Building Blocks of SketchUp

"Building Blocks of SketchUp" is a digital book in enhanced PDF format. 50 video lessons are embedded withing the 260 pages of text. If you have struggled to learn SketchUp or are just starting out with this 3D Modeling program, “Building Blocks of SketchUp” is a must-have reference. There are 260 pages of text, illustrated with screen capture images of the latest version of SketchUp. Embedded within the text are 50 video lessons tha...