Type on Screen: A Critical Guide for Designers, Writers, Developers, and Students

The long awaited follow-up to our all-time bestseller Thinking with Type is here. Type on Screen is the definitive guide to using classic typographic concepts of form and structure to make dynamic compositions for screen-based applications. Covering a broad range of technologies—from electronic publications and websites to videos and mobile devices—this hands-on primer presents the latest information available to help designers make ...

Undertale Drawing Guide and Art Book

Are you a fan of the awesome game, Undertale? Do you love to draw and express your creative talents? Well look no further… What's Inside 17 of your FAVORITE Characters Easy to Follow Steps (with pictures) Detailed instructions Large 8.5 x 11 inch Pages

Prehistoric, Ancient Near Eastern and Aegean Textiles and Dress : An Interdisciplinary Anthology

Textile and dress production, from raw materials to finished items, has had a significant impact on society from its earliest history. The essays in this volume offer a fresh insight into the emerging interdisciplinary research field of textile and dress studies by discussing archaeological, iconographical and textual evidence within a broad geographical and chronological spectrum. The thirteen chapters explore issues, such as the an...

Corpus Inscriptionum Arabicarum Palaestinae, Volume Three: -D-F-

Western Palestine is extremely rich in Arabic inscriptions, whose dates range from as early as CE 150 until modern times. Most of the inscriptions date from the Islamic period, for under Islam the country gained particular religious and strategic importance, even though it made up only part of the larger province of Syria. This historical importance is clearly reflected in the hundreds of inscriptions, the texts of which cover a vari...

How to Draw Undertale: Drawing 10 Characters Step by Step Book 1

Learn how to Draw Undertale Characters Step by Step with this easy to use picture book for kids and adults. This Undertale drawing book contains detailed step by step instructions for learning how to draw undertale game cartoons with tutorials on drawing following 10 characters: Asriel Dreemurr Doggo Gaster Blaster Gerson Greater Dog Gyftrot Knight Knight Lesser Dog Madjick Mettaton EX Drawing lessons for kids and adults to discover ...

Logo Creed: The Mystery, Magic, and Method Behind Designing Great Logos

Written by the founder of LogoLounge.com, this comprehensive handbook speaks to the magic of design and provides a glimpse into the designer's creed.  Logo Creed puts designers directly in touch with strong mentors who speak candidly about the processes that lead to successful designs.  Designers including David Airey, Bill Gardner, Von Gitschka, Paul Howalt, Jerry Kuyper, Brian Miller, Miles Newlyn, Sherwin Schwartzrock, Felix Sockw...

Participatory IT Design: Designing for Business and Workplace Realities

The goal of participatory IT design is to set sensible, general, and workable guidelines for the introduction of new information technology systems into an organization. Reflecting the latest systems-development research, this book encourages a business-oriented and socially sensitive approach that takes into consideration the specific organizational context as well as first-hand knowledge of users' work practices and allows all stak...

Open Design and Innovation: Facilitating Creativity in Everyone

Open innovation, crowd sourcing, democratised innovation, vernacular design and brand fanaticism are amongst a handful of new approaches to design and innovation that have generated discussion and media coverage in recent years. In practice, these ideas are often inspiring propositions rather than providing pragmatic strategies. Open Design and Innovation develops the argument for a more nuanced acknowledgement and facilitation of 'n...

Digital Painting Fundamentals with Corel Painter X

Digital Painting Fundamentals with Corel Painter X is an introduction to drawing and painting using a Wacom graphics tablet and the industry standard software for pixel-based art. Each chapter is full of exercises designed to teach basic skills, such as eye-hand coordination. Easy-to-follow projects lead you from a simple, still life sketch to drawing the human figure. Each lesson is designed for novices as well as artists who want t...

Vannerie créative

0 DIY pour créer paniers, déco d'intérieur ou accessoires dejardin, qu'il s'agisse de formes classiques (panières, corbeilles) ou d'objets plus inhabituels (oeufs, ronds de serviette), dont certains sont réactualisés par l'utilisation de rotin de couleur. - Des créations actuelles, fraîches, colorées, pour une déco originale et naturelle. - Des techniques simples expliquées pas à pas, un matériau accessible à redécouvrir. - Une appro...