3ds Max 2012 Bible

I want to be a lead video game producer. I got this program "3D's max" when I was 13. It looked all alien to me, it was a damn mother ship control board on my laptop. I sat there messing with everything on my own. During the age of 14 I got the hang of it. I made tons of gun designs and objects without any help or any kind of tutorials! I was on a role. That was Until one day I stopped programming, I got into major problems in realit...

Business Graphics

For all designers who usually work for businesses and or want a formal look to their work, this book is an excellent source. I first saw this book in barnes and noble and quickly ran out to order it on amazon for half the price. What makes this book an excellent source is the variety it has, it ranges from annual reports to business cards, advertisement and so on. Every work produce is well explain and well presented. I recommend thi...

Design Graphics, 3rd Edition

I was very excited to get started with a design drawing class...so, I rented this as it would be my textbook. The book presents information and exercises in a manner that has left me confused and frustrated. Exercises about perspective before perspective is introduced, overly simplied to non-existent instructions in some areas, and too much information in other areas. I understand from what the author wrote in his introduction that h...

Robin Williams Handmade Design Workshop

this book is an inspiration and guideline for creative hands on art, that can be applied to anyone seeking an outlet. I have been lucky to have Carmen as a teacher, she is a fantastic artist and graphic designer. The book is written by two artists and its visually appealing as well and step by step informative.

The Design Cookbook

Through stunning photographs and step-by-step instructions, designer and lifestyle expert Kelly Edwards brings a myriad of looks, tastes, and approaches to chic home design in this guidebook. From the kitchen and the bedroom to the home office and the out-of-doors, Kelly illustrates how to achieve the best color, texture, proportion, and overall design aesthetic and passes along decorating tips from amazing designers and tastemakers....

Apprendre à dessiner des personnages

Les lignes principales d'une silhouette vous sont proposées : et voici qu'apparaissent une danseuse, un skieur ou un musicien ! Des modèles vivants. Le sens du mouvement. Croquez les personnages de votre choix !

500 Vases: Contemporary Explorations of a Timeless Form

\Form, function, beauty: vases are versatile and flexible,  and beloved by potters for the variety of techniques, ideas, and aesthetics they embrace. 500 Vases is the tenth book devoted to ceramics in the popular series, and a welcome addition. It showcases the finest contemporary work from international artists, capturing the full spectrum of styles, each potter's original voice, and whenever possible, close-up details that truly ca...

Child's Play Quilts: Make 20 Stash-Busting Quilts for Kids

Improve your quilt designs by learning how to organize fabric by size and color, while making adorably sophisticated quilts (both pieced and appliquéd) for babies and children. Each of the 20 bright, happy quilts is shown in warm and cool colorways to spark the imagination and use up your stash. Stacey Day's friendly voice and great advice make it easy to choose beautiful palettes and add design flair.

Personal Style Blogs : Appearances That Fascinate

From Style Rookie to Style Bubble, personal style blogs exploded onto the scene in the mid-2000s giving voice to young and stylish writers who had their own unique take on the seasonal fashion cycle and how to curate an individual style within the shifting swirl of trends. Personal Style Blogs examines the history and rise of style blogging and looks closely at the relationship between bloggers and their (frequently anonymous) reader...

How to Grow as an Illustrator

Inspiring, practical, and supportive, How to Grow as an Illustrator helps artists find professional and personal support in the struggle to stay creative and make money in their field. Behind-the-scenes interviews with more than sixty of today’s most fascinating illustrators reveal how they have kept growing as artists and as individuals. Topics include defining yourself as an illustrator; the significance of art education; mechanica...