Painting in a State of Exception

The artists were responding directly to a difficult and chaotic period characterized by civil strife, frequent changes of government, and economic shocks. They broke new ground in Latin American art, not only in their technique, but also in the way they engaged the social, political, and cultural climate in an Argentina still recovering from the Perón years. Building on postwar expressionism by working with unprecedented urgency and ...

Fantasy Art Templates: Ready-made Artwork to Copy, Adapt, Trace, Scan & Paint

This edition as it says, ONLY, features templates. So being the type of artist I happen to be, I LOVE this book. What I mean by that is I always found myself flipping to the final result in all the art books I came across as a kid. I'd try to draw from the finished product rather than sketching all the lil proportional shapes it takes to get there.... That being said. I LOVE this book for the reasons I have cited above. To my detrime...

Pieter Bruegel The Elder

This stunning compilation of the work Pieter Bruegel, the 16th century’s most famous Netherlandish artist, is being published in anticipation of the 450-year anniversary of the artist’s death. Nearly 450 years after his death, Pieter Bruegel the Elder is widely regarded as the 16th century’s greatest Netherlandish painter. This book is the tie-in catalog for a once-in-a-generation exhibition of Bruegel’s work at the Kunsthistorisches...

The Anatomy of Style: Figure Drawing Techniques

The Anatomy of Style by Patrick J Jones is a book for beginners learning to draw the human figure. This book is a collection of tips and techniques that he wished he had learned years ago. The content comes from his 15 years of experience as an artist and also from the art classes he teaches. This 160-page paperback has several chapters. The first chapter talks about the foundation of understanding anatomy. Here it has a lot of point...

The Big Book of Tiny Art: A modern, inspirational guide to the art of the miniature

This book shares instructions on how to draw animals, insects, food, landscapes. It’s a great guide book for people who already has some basic drawing and painting skills. Most of the paintings were done with watercolor wash and colored pencils. Received my copy today, on time as usual! This book on Tiny Art (miniatures) is really an inspiration. Love the way it is divided. There is a section on painting tiny animals, another on tiny...

Painting the Impressionistic Landscape

You'll want to keep this book handy if you are a painter or just wondering if you have what it takes to take up painting. Dustan shares her approach to creating lively, expressive pictures in watercolors and acrylics. There are step by step instructions and, more importantly for me, she expresses her engagement with the joy and discovery in making a painting. The paintings are beautiful. I look through this book on darkish days just ...

London Sketchbook

A nice book that combines illustrations and travel tips, helpful to both the first time visitor or the returning traveler. Both the London Sketchbook and its companion, the Paris Sketchbook, are beautifully done, of high quality editions, and sit nicely on my coffee table. Looking forward to Jason Brook's New York Sketchbook coming up.

Origami Tessellations: Awe-Inspiring Geometric Designs

If Eric Gjerde’s new book Origami Tessellations: Awe-Inspiring Geometric Designs needed an alternative title, it might be: Origami: It’s not just for kids any more! Of course origami has never been just for kids, but this book should convince you that you can create some great art using origami techniques. . . . The projects are graded as beginner, intermediate and advanced, but 'beginner' should be interpreted as someone who has pre...

Mastering Digital Color: A Photographer's and Artist's Guide to Controlling Color

The digital age of art has made it easier than ever for an artist to change what his work will look like when complete. Subtle changes in color composition can be made many times to achieve an ideal image. However, masterful color management is about more than knowing how to use the tools offered by your image editor. It's about understanding how to visualize your final image before you begin editing it - seeing your image as you wan...

Digital Mayhem 3D Machine Techniques: Where Inspiration, Techniques and Digital Art meet

Inspire your own creativity with Digital Mayhem 3D Machine Techniques. Compiled by Duncan Evans, founder of 3D Artist Magazine, this book is the next installment of the Digital Mayhem series. Explore, page after page, spectacular machine images created by the industry’s top talent. With over 500 stunning images, Digital Mayhem 3D Machine Techniques is not your basic software manual. It is where technique and inspiration meet – a deta...