Mastering SolidWorks (2nd Edition)

Pretty explanatory for most renderings and I'm glad the university used this book over other ones. However, when the models got more involved, it glossed over, if not outright omitted, some steps and the reader was left to figuring out how they ended up with the result the book did.

The Photoshop CS5 Pocket Guide (Peachpit Pocket Guide)

This is a highly organized tome with an index with many topics to get you right to the area of concern. I use this book as a quick reminder for those situations that pop up when you know what you want to do but are just not quite sure about how to achieve the intended results. I would recommend this book to anyone that does not use their camera often enough to memorize the operating manual.

Chalk It Up To Grace: A Chalkboard Coloring Book of Removable Wall Art Prints, Perfect With Colored Pencils and Markers

I really love this coloring book! I have really gotten into coloring for relaxation, so I have bought a variety of books. These black background pages just look so rich and beautiful when I get done with the picture using gel pens. They really are pretty enough to put on display, and they have perforations so you can get the pages out easily. The black background is a little more forgiving of the slip of hand and color outside the li...

Kitchen Ideas You Can Use, Updated Edition

As I m in the process of refurbishing my kitchen in the house we have just moved into, this book was extremely helpful. It was up to date and beautifully illustrated. Many of the layout did have a island bench, so it is a little limiting if you do not have that layout in mind. I do so it suited me, and at the end of the book there was a chapter with some pretty wild colours and finishes and well as a section on appliances. I found th...

Idées à broder

Un joli livre de broderie pour experte ou débutante. Plein de belles idées, originales et dans l'air du temps. Bravo à Sarah du blog "Les plaisanteries". J'ai découvert Sarah Despoisse grâce à son ancien blog et la suit désormais sur son projet solo "Les Plaisanteries", j'étais super contente de m'être procuré son livre "Inspirations Géométriques" et j'ai tout de suite commandé "Idées à broder" ! J'ai adoré toutes les créations propo...

Satan, Beelzebub, Luzifer: Der Teufel in der Kunst

„Der Teufel hält die Fäden, die uns bewegen!“ (Charles Baudelaire, Die Blumen des Bösen, 1857.) Satan, Beelzebub, Luzifer… der Teufel hat viele Namen und Gesichter; sie alle haben Künstlern stets als Inspirationsquelle gedient. Bilder von Teufeln wurden oftmals von kirchlichen Personen von hohem Rang in Auftrag gegeben, um, je nach Gesellschaft, mit Bildern der Furcht oder Ehrfurcht und mit Darstellungen der Hölle die Gläubigen zu be...

Superhumanity : Design of the Self

A wide-ranging and challenging exploration of design and how it engages with the self The field of design has radically expanded. As a practice, design is no longer limited to the world of material objects but rather extends from carefully crafted individual styles and online identities to the surrounding galaxies of personal devices, new materials, interfaces, networks, systems, infrastructures, data, chemicals, organisms, and genet...

Beauty in the Bible: Adult Coloring Book Volume 3, Premium Edition

It's always a real pleasure to pull out my Christian coloring books. I use them as part of my prayer and praise time. I choose the verse that speaks to me that day, color it, meditate on it, research more about it and use it to guide my prayer that day. Unlike the two previous books, this coloring book does not give attribution to images from Shutterstock. I'm not sure if that means that the designs are original as it does not list P...

Twice the First: Quirino Cristiani and the Animated Feature Film

Giannalberto Bendazzi brings to light some of the lost relics of animation history with his new book, Twice the First: Quirino Cristiani and the Animated Feature Film. Unlike other works, however, Bendazzi focuses on the growth of animation in non-western countries. This book particularly emphasizes the contributions of Quirino Cristiani and how his work influenced other animators. Bendazzi provides in-depth coverage about Cristiani’...