Painting Still Life In Gouache

Learn about the Gouache painting style and how to use it as a fine artist with the help of this illustrated guide Gouache is an exciting, forgiving, and versatile fine art medium. It has a long history going back many centuries, but for some time it has been seen as a medium for illustrators and designers. It has now been rediscovered by the fine artist. In this beautiful book, Kevin Scully champions its cause and explores its attrib...

Michelangelo (1475-1564) : The Last Judgment

Michelangelo Buonarroti was born in 1475 at Caprese, in Tuscany. He was apprenticed to Domenico Ghirlandaio in 1488, when he was 13, and worked continuously until six days before his death. In 1489, Michelangelo was summoned to the court of Lorenzo de'Medici, where he learnt the technical skills essential to his craft, fashioning clay and practising drawing by copying earlier works. Michelangelo examines the life and works of this gr...

Painted Blossoms: Creating Expressive Flower Art With Mixed Media

I am so glad I purchased Carrie Schmitt's book! I am not a painter, I am a glass bead artist/jewelry designer. However, for a while now, painting has interested me, but I haven't had the confidence to jump in and do it. This book not only gives you tools and techniques to use, it gives you the encouragement most of us need to try something new. I think Carrie and I must be related in some way. We have both found many of the same sour...

The Soul Of A Tree: A Master Woodworkers Reflections

On a farmlike compound near New Hope, Pennsylvania, George Nakashima, his family, and fellow wood-workers create exquisite furniture from richly grained, rare timber. Tables, desks, chairs, and cabinets from this simple workshop grace the homes and mansions and executive boardrooms of people who prize such excellence. In this lavishly illustrated volume, George Nakashima allows us in intimate look at his artistry, his philosophy, his...

A Coloring Book Of Ancient China

An excursion into the joys of Chinese art, from the earliest painting and ancient bronze animals to the famous painters of priceless scrolls. Included are line drawings of famous emperors and empresses.

The Professional Photoshop Book – Volume 7 2015

As the go-to program for making even the most complex creative visions a reality, Photoshop has been an indispensable tool for photographers and designers for over 25 years now. For seasoned users of the software, The Professional Photoshop Book is an indispensable companion for continuing to add new techniques to your creative toolbox. For others it will provide inspiration for new artwork, while those sitting on a vast reserve of i...

Getting Design Right: A Systems Approach

Filling a new need in engineering education, Getting Design Right: A Systems Approach integrates aspects from both design and systems engineering to provide a solid understanding of the fundamental principles and best practices in these areas. Through examples, it encourages students to create an initial product design and project plan.   Classroom-tested and industry-reviewed, the text focuses on the steps of a basic design cyc...

2015 Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Market

Build a Successful Art Career 2015 Artist's & Graphic Designer's Market is the must-have reference guide for any artist who wants to establish or expand a career in fine art, illustration, or graphic design. Thousands of successful artists have relied on us to help develop their careers and navigate the changing business landscape. The2015 Artist's & Graphic Designer's Market introduces a whole host of new features and guaran...

Abraham Lincoln Coloring Book

Honest Abe, the Rail Splitter, and the Great Emancipator ? the many faces of ourÿsixteenth president! From his humble origins to his rise to the highest office in the land and ultimate martyrdom, this coloring book chronicles the life of Abraham Lincoln. More than forty accurately rendered images ? many based on the famous Mathew Brady photographs ? depict a vivid panorama of events from Lincoln's life. Civil War buffs,ÿdevotees of A...

Art Before Breakfast

Packed with the signature can-do attitude that makes beloved artist Danny Gregory a creativity guru to thousands across the globe, this unique guide serves up a hearty helping of inspiration. For aspiring artists who want to draw and paint but just can't seem to find time in the day, Gregory offers 5– to 10–minute exercises for every skill level that fit into any schedule—whether on a plane, in a meeting, or at the breakfast table—al...