Designing Disability: Symbols, Space, And Society

00500cbb_medium Author Elizabeth Guffey
Isbn 1350004286
File size 6MB
Year 2017
Pages 1350004286
Language English
File format PDF
Category Art

Book Description:

I was pleasantly surprised to read this captivating discussion of disability history in an erudite book that is unexpectedly accessible. Not only is this extraordinarily well researched and highly readable, but it's fascinating for anyone who wants to learn more about activism and controversies in achieving handicapped rights. Don't miss "The Selma of Handicapped Rights."

I bought this book after reading a fascinating Op-Ed piece in The New York Times written by the author. Don’t be put-off by the academic appearance of the text— it’s a well-paced and succinct history of the people and institutions that worked and struggled to incorporate accessibility into design and architecture. The book made me reconsider the complexity of how people with disabilities understand their relationship to the designed world. I will never think about or look at the design of architectural features and public spaces in the same way again.



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