Determination of Organic Compounds in Soils, Sediments and Sludges

589b25ad29f94.jpg Author T. R. Crompton
Isbn 9780419252702
File size 8MB
Year 1999
Pages 520
Language English
File format PDF
Category Chemistry

Book Description:

The first volume to comprehensively discuss the range of methods available for the analysis of organic compounds in soils, river and marine sediments and industrial sludges. It commences with a review of the instrumentation used in soil and sediment laboratories and indicates the types of organics that can be determined by each technique. Subsequent chapters discuss the analysis of various types of organics in a logical and systematic manner. It provides guidance on the applicability of techniques in certain environments, the advantages and disadvantages of using one method over another, likely interference, the sensitivity of particular techniques, and detection limits.


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