Detox Your Home

A Guide to Removing Toxins from Your Life and Bringing Health into Your Home

5c3453ed8c91a.jpg Author Christine Dimmick
Isbn 9781442277205
File size 1.90MB
Year 2018
Pages 240
Language English
File format PDF
Category Fitness

Book Description:

Cancer affects 1 in 2 persons, and nearly everyone has an autoimmune-related disease or allergy. We live in a world where the incidence of illness grows as fast as the GDP. Industrialization has created a world that puts products before human and environmental health. Exercise and eating right is not enough. In this rapidly growing world, our resources are depleting along with our health and the public sees and feels this daily.

Health and Wellness speaker, advocate and Good Home Company Founder, Christine Dimmick, takes a deep dive into the toxins found in our very own homes, and how you can limit your exposure and take control of your own health. Detox Your Home addresses all of these issues – from clothing to food to the cleaning products used every day in homes just like yours. Dimmick unveils what manufacturers won’t, so you can avoid exposing yourself and your family to the hidden toxins eating away at America’s health and wellness. Detox Your Home is the essential go-to book for how to live a life of wellness, and will show you how to improve – in every part of your life.



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