Discover Your Optimal Health: The Guide To Taking Control Of Your Weight, Your Vitality, Your Life

562f2c5b2400f.jpg Author Wayne Scott Andersen
Isbn 9780738217000
File size 2.3 MB
Year 2013
Pages 240
Language English
File format EPUB
Category Healthcare

Book Description:

I love Dr. A's approach. Rather than looking at health as a problem to solve, he helps the reader envision what he calls "optimal health", the best state of health for each individual. He then begins to show how it can be achieved.

As someone who has been overweight my entire life, I have been shamed, poked, prodded, blamed, made to feel less-than because I have been unable to "solve" my weight "problem". Dr. A instead invites me to imagine what my best health could be and helps me to see weight loss as merely the first step in creating my own optimal health.

What it's not is another diet, another attempt to solve my "problem".

It's not about what or where I have been, it's about what I can begin to create from where I am. It's an approach that makes it all my choice, my opportunity to create a different reality, and my chance to begin creating new habits.

The book is readable, interesting, and may just make a difference in how you begin to think about your health.



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