Double Bass/Single Pedal Bounce Technique for Bass Drum

5812002ac6019.jpg Author Paul A Shaw III
Isbn 978-1494275471
File size 24.01MB
Year 2013
Pages 84
Language Englisch
File format PDF
Category Music

Book Description:

Have you always wanted to develop your facility on the bass drum using a single pedal? In this book, you will learn about a bass drum bounce technique that will allow you to play rhythms previously reserved for double bass drums or double pedals. This technique was developed by the author through 25 years of professional playing in jazz, rock, and funk settings. With this method, you will greatly expand your ability to play extended phrases in duple and triplet rhythms. The exercises in Double Bass/Single Pedal are designed to increase your facility and increase your phrasing creativity in a wide range of tempos and styles.



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