Dynamics of Romantic Love: Attachment, Caregiving, and Sex

584a0b6314d6d.jpeg Author Gail S. Goodman PhD and Mario Mikulincer PhD
Isbn 9781593852702
File size 2.5MB
Year 2006
Pages 466
Language English
File format PDF
Category Sexuality

Book Description:

A theoretically and empirically rich exploration of universal questions, this book examines the interplay of three distinct behavioral systems involved in romantic love. Leading attachment researchers are joined by proponents of other perspectives, including interdependence theory and self-expansion theory, to review the current state of knowledge in the field. Presented are compelling new studies that address intimacy, jealousy, self-disclosure, sexual behavior, partner violence, and other processes in both satisfying and dysfunctional relationships. Special topics include gender differences in attachment as well as attachment dynamics within same-sex couples.




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