eBay Photos That Sell Taking Great Product Shots for eBay and Beyond

5847b9eddc824.jpg Author Dan Gookin
Isbn 9780782143812
File size 6.2MB
Year 2005
Pages 192
Language English
File format PDF
Category Cinema

Book Description:

"I've been an admirer of Dan Gookin since he wrote DOS For Dummies and spawned the For Dummies phenomenon. He takes things to a new level with this amazing and much needed book on practical product photography. Use his advice and you'll simply make more money. Highly recommended."
—John C. Dvorak, columnist, PC Magazine

Anyone can sell their stuff online. The challenge is to do it better than the competition and get the best possible results, every time. If you're attempting to sell your guitar on eBay, a photo of Aunt Pearl June strumming it in the backyard isn't likely to cut it. Does that mean you need to hire a professional photographer or invest in expensive equipment? Not if you follow the ingenious advice in this book!

eBay Photos That Sell teaches home-spun entrepreneurs how to create professional-quality product photos using a standard digital camera and a few handy tricks and inexpensive techniques. With page after page of inspiring examples and expert insights, you'll figure out how to capture everything from hats to wineglasses to MP3 players. You'll understand what makes one photo better than another and discover how to create images that viewers connect with--ones that evoke the "I must have this" feeling. Ultimately, it will help you attract customers and make sales, without investing a lot of time or money.

Inside, you'll learn how to:

  • Follow the basic rules for taking crisp, well-lit shots that outshine the competition
  • Set up shots quickly in your home or office
  • Create props and accessories from inexpensive items found at home or the local hardware store
  • Know how and when to use your camera's features, bells, and whistles to your advantage
  • Take the time to set up your photograph properly so you don't have to fix things later
  • Use photo-editing software to make final adjustments
  • Learn to size and format your photos effectively for the Web
  • Know when a simple black background is the best way to make your image pop
  • Build a safe and organized place to store your pictures so you can easily find them



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