The Ecological Design and Planning Reader

58be3bd3c23ce.jpeg Author Forster O. Ndubisi
Isbn 1610914902
File size 11MB
Year 2015
Pages 625
Language English
File format PDF
Category Architecture

Book Description:

This is an invaluable resource for design and planning students to understand how to create resilient, regenerative, and beautiful places. From Henry David Thoreau to Rachel Carson, writers have long examined the effects of industrialisation and its potential to permanently alter the world around them. Today, as we experience rapid global urbanisation, pressures on the natural environment to accommodate our daily needs for food, work, shelter, and recreation are greatly intensified. Concerted efforts to balance human use with ecological concerns are needed now more than ever. In The Ecological Design and Planning Reader Professor Ndubisi offers refreshing insights into key themes that shape the theory and practice of ecological design and planning. He has assembled, synthesized, and framed selected seminal published scholarly works in the field from the past one hundred and fifty years, ending with a suggested agenda for future research and analysis in ecological design and planning. This is the first volume to bring together classic and contemporary writings on the history, evolution, theory, methods, and exemplary practice of ecological design and planning. The collection provides students, scholars, researchers, and practitioners of landscape architecture, urban design, land use planning, and related fields with a solid foundation for understanding the relationship between human systems and our natural environment.



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