The Global Auction: The Broken Promises of Education, Jobs, and Incomes

For decades, the idea that more education will lead to greater individual and national prosperity has been a cornerstone of developed economies. Indeed, it is almost universally believed that college diplomas give Americans and Europeans a competitive advantage in the global knowledge wars. Challenging this conventional wisdom, The Global Auction forces us to reconsider our deeply held and mistaken views about how the global economy ...

Greening the Financial Sector

Environmental finance, particularly energy efficiency and renewable energy (EERE) finance, can and should serve as an interface to other sub-sectors of financial sector promotion such as microfinance, housing finance or agricultural finance. For example, existing clients of financial institutions include small and medium-sized enterprises and households, and these are often suffering from high energy prices or have no access to susta...

The Economic Psychology of Incentives

This book proposes a revised theory of agency, drawing on ideas from behavioural economics and built on more robust assumptions about human behaviour than the standard principal-agent model. The book proposes new design principles for executive pay, but also explains the difficulties in changing current executive pay practices.

Marx global: Zur Entwicklung des internationalen Marx-Diskurses seit 1965

In seiner Studie zeigt Jan Hoff, dass im Zuge der theoretischen Entdogmatisierung des Marxismus seit Mitte der 60er Jahre ebenso vielfältige wie fruchtbare Marx-Interpretationen und eine an der Marxschen Ökonomiekritik orientierte kritische Gesellschaftstheorie in zahlreichen Ländern der Welt ungeahnten Auftrieb erhielten. Insbesondere die wissenschaftliche Auseinandersetzung mit den verschiedenen Entwürfen zum "Kapital" hat sich in ...

The Architecture of Collapse : The Global System in the 21st Century

Why are there so many crises in the world? Is it true that the global system is today riskier and more dangerous than in past decades? Do we have any tools at our disposal to bring these problems under control, to reduce the global system's proneness to instability? These are the tantalizing questions addressed in this book. Using a variety of demographic, economic, financial, social, and political indicators, the book demonstrates t...

Public Procurement and Innovation: The Role of Institutions

Max Rolfstam examines the increasing emphasis on public procurement as a means to stimulate innovation and the theoretical implications of this policy development. While 'regular' public procurement may be regarded as the outcome of anonymous market processes, public procurement of innovation must be understood as a special case of innovation, where social processes - and consequently the institutions governing these social processes...

The Oxford Handbook of Political Economy

Over its long lifetime, "political economy" has had many different meanings: the science of managing the resources of a nation so as to provide wealth to its inhabitants for Adam Smith; the study of how the ownership of the means of production influenced historical processes for Marx; the study of the inter-relationship between economics and politics for some twentieth-century commentators; and for others, a methodology emphasizing i...

General Equilibrium and Game Theory : Ten Papers

Andreu Mas-Colell revolutionized our understanding of competitive markets, price formation, and the behavior of market participants. General Equilibrium and Game Theory offers readers a compendium of his most important scholarly contributions, gathering in a single volume the groundbreaking papers that have solidified his standing as one of the preeminent economic theorists of our time. Built upon the foundations of neoclassical econ...

Finance (Quickstudy: Academic) 2005 ed.

The QuickStudy Fiancne guide consists of basic finance concepts, equations and principles, which can be used in school, home or in work place. Topics covered include: - financial ratios for liquidity - leverage & profitability - time value of money - present & future values - effective annual rate (EAR) - annual percentage rate (APR) - international finance definitions - interest rate & purchasing parity - fisher effect t...

Hedge Fund Modelling and Analysis using MATLAB

The second book in Darbyshire and Hampton’s Hedge Fund Modelling and Analysis series, Hedge Fund Modelling and Analysis Using MATLAB® takes advantage of the huge library of built-in functions and suite of financial and analytic packages available to MATLAB®. This allows for a more detailed analysis of some of the more computationally intensive and advanced topics, such as hedge fund classification, performance measurement and mean-va...