Empirical Labor Economics: The Search Approach

Presenting a complete survey of labor economics from the search point of view, this is the first book to coordinate a vast and scattered literature, making an increasingly important and sophisticated area in modern applied economics readily accessible. Completely comprehensive, Empirical Labor Economics covers not only sequential and random search, but all stochastic models of the labor market, and treats underlying economic theory a...

Global Political Economy: Evolution and Dynamics, 5 edition

The landscape of the world economy has been significantly reshaped in recent years. The global economic crisis revealed the fragile foundations of the international financial system, and, in its wake, dynamics of economic power have considerably adjusted. In the fifth edition of this best-selling text, these developments are incorporated into a comprehensive introduction to the global political economy. It takes full account of the e...

The Encyclopedia of Westerns

A history of the western movie, from "The Great Train Robbery" in 1902 to Hollywood hits of the early-21st century. It takes an A-to-Z look at the thousands of westerns that have packed movie houses and captured audiences over the years. There are more than 3500 entries, and each one includes the film's statistics - title, year released, director, writers and screenwriters, cast, and running time - along with a summary of the film an...

China Morgana: Chinas Zukunft und die Selbsttäuschung des Westens

Wir versuchen immer wieder, uns und andere davon zu überzeugen, dass China sich derzeit ändert und die politische Liberalisierung im Reich der Mitte Einzug halten wird. James Mann übt Kritik an dieser naiven Sichtweise und entwirft neben der Möglichkeit der Demokratisierung und Liberalisierung oder einem anderweitigen Umsturz der Regierung Chinas ein drittes mögliches Szenario: das Verharren der Volksrepublik in alten Strukturen. Nur...

Freshwater Resources of the Tropical North of Australia : A Hydrobiological Perspective

Australia has been described as ‘the driest of the inhabited continents.’ Its settlement by man, from the time of the early aboriginal occupation to the more rapid developments of the colonial and post-federation periods, has therefore meant that issues of water management have always been at the forefront of decision-making. The tropical north of the country, because of its historically lower rate of population growth and because of...

Principles of Mathematical Economics

Under the assumption of a basic knowledge of algebra and analysis, micro and macro economics, this self-contained and self-sufficient textbook is targeted towards upper undergraduate audiences in economics and related fields such as business, management and the applied social sciences. The basic economics core ideas and theories are exposed and developed, together with the corresponding mathematical formulations. From the basics, pro...

Introducción a la econometría

La Economía puede ser una asignatura entretenida tanto para el profesor como para el estudiante. La realidad de la economía, los negocios, y el Estado es un lugar complicado y confuso, repleto de ideas contrapuestas y preguntas que necesitan respuestas. Esta rama de la ciencia económica abre una ventana en nuestro complicado mundo que permite ver las relaciones sobre las cuales las personas, las empresas y los gobiernos basan sus dec...

Central Bank Governance and Oversight Reform

A central bank needs authority and a sphere of independent action. But a central bank cannot become an unelected czar with sweeping, unaccountable discretionary power. How can we balance the central bank’s authority and independence with needed accountability and constraints? Drawn from a 2015 Hoover Institution conference, this book features distinguished scholars and policy makers’ discussing this and other key questions about the ...

The Economy of Modern India, 1860-1970

This is the first comprehensive and interpretative account of the history of economic growth and change in colonial and post-colonial India. Dr. Tomlinson draws together and expands on the specialist literature dealing with imperialism, development and underdevelopment, the historical processes of change in agriculture, trade and manufacture, and the relations among business, the economy and the state. What emerges is a picture of an...

Reconstructing Urban Economics : Towards a Political Economy of the Built Environment

Neoclassical economics, the intellectual bedrock of modern capitalism, faces growing criticisms, as many of its key assumptions and policy prescriptions are systematically challenged. Yet, there remains one field of economics where these limitations continue virtually unchallenged: the study of cities and regions in built-environment economics. In this book, Franklin Obeng-Odoom draws on institutional, Georgist, and Marxist economics...