Less Than Zero: The Case for a Falling Price Level in a Growing Economy (Hobart Papers)

This book sets out to explain the complexity of why increased production does not that always bring with it lower prices. According to the book, those who look upon monetary expansion as a way to eradicate almost all unemployment fail to appreciate that persistent unemployment is a non-monetary or 'natural' economic condition, which no mount of monetary medicine can cure. Selgin explores the differences between these monetary and nat...

Forms of Enterprise in 20th Century Italy

Taking an historical perspective, this unique book highlights the evolution of the many diverse forms of business enterprise, and discusses the contribution of these different types of firm to the economic growth of Italy. One important issue that has recently captured the attention and the research efforts of both economists and economic historians has been the debate on varieties of capitalism in the modern world. In this context, ...

Structuring Islamic Finance Transactions

This book will help you to understand the core principles of Islamic finance instruments, their applications and structures, their placement in the context of modern financial developments and the growth of Islamic banking, Shari a and Takaful. It explains the fundamentals of Islamic finance product development and compliance with Islamic (shari a) law. The expert authors lead you through the complex structures and applications of Is...

The Asian Financial Crisis and the Architecture of Global Finance

The financial crises across Asia in 1997-98 ignited fierce debate about domestic economic weaknesses and flaws in the international financial system. Some analysts blamed Asian governments for inadequate prudential supervision, widespread failures of corporate governance and even "crony capitalism." Others assailed the inherent instability of global financial markets and what they considered to be hasty and ill-conceived liberalizati...

The Economy of Esteem: An Essay on Civil and Political Society

This groundbreaking book by two distinguished scholars from different disciplines begins by outlining the psychology of esteem and the way the working of that psychology can give rise to an economy. It then shows how a variety of social patterns that are otherwise anomalous come to make a lot of sense within an economics of esteem. And it looks, finally, at the ways in which the economy of esteem may be reshaped so as to make for an ...

Practical Enterprise Risk Management: A Business Process Approach

The most practical and sensible way to implement ERM-while avoiding all of the classic mistakes Emphasizing an enterprise risk management approach that utilizes actual business data to estimate the probability and impact of key risks in an organization, Practical Enterprise Risk Management: A Business Process Approach boils this topic down to make it accessible to both line managers and high level executives alike. The key lessons in...

Auswirkungen der Reform der Leasingbilanzierung nach IFRS

Markus Stockinger untersucht in einer empirischen Studie die potenziellen Auswirkungen der Reform der Leasingbilanzierung nach IFRS aus Leasingnehmersicht auf österreichische und deutsche kapitalmarktorientierte Unternehmen. Der Autor zeigt auf, welche Änderungen sich durch die Reform der Leasingbilanzierung im Gegensatz zum bisherigen Standard ergeben und welche Auswirkungen diese auf die Bilanz, Erfolgsrechnung und in weiterer Folg...

The Best of Wilmott 1: Incorporating the Quantitative Finance Review

November 11th 2003 saw a landmark event take place in London. As the first conference designed for quants by quants the Quantitative Finance Review 2003, moved away from the anonymous bazaars that have become the norm, and instead delivered valuable information to market practitioners with the greatest interest. The roster of speakers was phenomenal, ranging from founding fathers to bright young things, discussing the latest developm...

Stochastic Processes and Applications to Mathematical Finance

This volume contains the contributions to a conference that is among the most important meetings in financial mathematics. Serving as a bridge between probabilists in Japan (called the Ito School and known for its highly sophisticated mathematics) and mathematical finance and financial engineering, the conference elicits the very highest quality papers in the field of financial mathematics.

The Political Economy of Financing Scottish Government: Considering a New Constitutional Settlement for Scotland

`The Barnett formula is doomed. These authors provide a readable and convincing guide to the alternatives. The volume is a wonderful example of what tight economic reasoning can do - its case for fiscal autonomy is unanswerable'. - Professor Michael Artis, University of Swansea, UK 'Written by two economists independent of the sort of political biases that mar so much of the discussion this book offers a refreshing, analytical and au...