Td Microéconomie

S'approprier les notions clés de la microéconomie par la pratique, c'est ce que permet ce livre en offrant des rappels de cours et plus de 170 applications progressives et variées : • des QCM pour se tester ; • des questions de réflexion pour approfondir ; • des exercices d'entraînement pour passer de la théorie à la pratique ; • des sujets d'examen pour faire la synthèse et se préparer aux partiels. Toutes les applications sont corr...

The Economy Of The Word: Language, History, And Economics (oxford Studies In History Of Economics)

This powerful book offers a learned, penetrating, and beautifully-written account of the creation and development of economics. Sensitive to the issue of the language of political economy, Keith Tribe identifies the key turning points in his reading of the canonical texts of the discipline such as Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations, Karl Marx's Das Kapital, and Léon Walras's Éléments d'économie pure and shows how these works shaped moder...

An Introduction To The Three Volumes Of Karl Marx’s Capital

einrich's Introduction to Marx's CAPITAL is a very important work for many a reason. First of all, its language is clear, precise and accurate, so that everybody will be able to understand very difficult terms like surplus value, avarage profit, etc.; secondly, Heinrich's analysis is comprehensive because it is not focused only on the first volume of Marx's CAPITAL but it takes into account all the three volumes. Thus everybody who i...

Encyclopaedia Britannica 2010 Almanac

The Encyclopaedia Britannica 2010 Almanac, is the complete source for fast facts. Published in association with Time Magazine, the Encyclopaedia Britannica Almanac 2010 includes more coverage of key subjects such as the arts, business, people, science, and the world than other leading almanacs. Read about the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Darfur, the rise of global food prices and the accompanying political and financial effects, th...

Money Well Spent?: The Truth Behind The Trillion-dollar Stimulus, The Biggest Economic Recovery Plan In History

The 2012 presidential campaign will, above all else, be a referendum on the Obama administration’s handling of the financial crisis, recalling the period when Obama’s “audacity of hope” met the austerity of reality. Central to this is the ’’American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009’’—the largest economic recovery plan in American history. Senator Mitch McConnell gave a taste of the enormity of the money committed: if you had spe...

Financial Vipers Of Venice

In this sequel to Joseph P. Farrell's Babylon's Banksters, the banksters have moved from Mesopotamia via Rome to Venice. There, they have manipulated popes and bullion prices, clipped coins, sacked Constantinople, destroyed rival Florence, waged war, burned "heretics," and suppressed hidden secrets threatening their financial supremacy . . . until Giordano Bruno and Christopher Columbus broke the banking cartel's control of informati...

Encyclopedia Of Mobile Computing And Commerce By David Tania

The Encyclopedia of Mobile Computing and Commerce is the leading reference source for innovative research on mobile applications and commerce. This two-volume encyclopedia set presents current trends in mobile computing and their potential use in business and commerce. Hundreds of internationally renowned scholars and practitioners have written comprehensive articles exploring the latest concepts, technologies, and innovations in thi...