The Bullish Thinking Guide for Managers

Although not in the financial services industry, I believe that this book is extremely informative and helpful for anyone in a management position. I Chair an academic department of thirty-five professionals in a large urban business school and found this book to be a useful tool in helping to confront and resolve issues and conflicts that arise on a regular basis. I particularly benefited from the chapters giving pragmatic insight i...

Derivatives Workbook

The complete guide to derivatives, from the experts at the CFA This set includes both Derivatives and its accompanying workbook. Derivatives is the definitive guide to derivatives, derivative markets, and the use of options in risk management. Written by the experts at the CFA Institute, this book provides authoritative reference for students and investment professionals seeking a deeper understanding for more comprehensive portfolio...

Corporate Fraud and Internal Control Workbook: A Framework for Prevention

The essential companion to Corporate Fraud and Internal Control, complete with review exercises for key concepts Used together with Corporate Fraud and Internal Control: A Framework for Prevention, this Workbook tests readers' knowledge of the subject with a focus on the appropriateness of the design of the system of internal controls in fraud risk mitigation, as well as the mechanisms to ensure effective implementation and monitorin...

Betting on China

"Rob Koepp's book is an entertaining and well written rompthrough the new Wild West of US listed Chinese companies. But it isalso a nuanced look at the costs and benefits to both countries ofcontinued interaction at corporate and capital market levels andhighlights the challenges facing public oversight bodies on bothsides of the Pacific. At the time of the book's publication bothChinese and U.S. regulators are undertaking reviews th...

MKTG, 10 edition

This is a great introduction to marketing. It covers a wide range of important topics and does a great job of connecting the dots with real-world examples. All topics and examples are relevant to this day in age. I wouldn’t normally rate a textbook because what student enjoys textbooks? But this one is absolutely incredible. It is extremely aesthetically pleasing and capturing. I didn’t mind reading through the chapters at all and fo...

The Nature of Trends: (Wiley Trading Book 548)

Trend identification is such a difficult art. Some think a simple moving average is enough, others use complex formulas, some just eye ball the charts. Barros instead uses his own system, based on disregarding irrelevant price info (such as a false new low), and instead looking for signs of an aging trend that is start to have new force pushed behind it. His objective isn't to pick the exact bottom, instead its to wait and see how a ...

Macroeconomics in Emerging Markets

"This much enriched edition of Peter Montiel's book provides a clear and thorough introduction to the macroeconomic issues that developing countries and emerging markets in general face in a globalized world. Students and economists in policy circles will find the core short-run macroeconomic model that it uses with so much versalitity to be of invaluable help in understanding the fundamental nature of these issues and in thinking ab...

Managing Business Performance: The Science and the Art

"This book is a must read for management consultants or business advisors. It helps the reader understand that social controls are just as important as the more traditional technical controls. Its insights along with real experiences makes it an easy read for anyone interested in continuous improvement. The book doesn't just lay out the background to performance management but also provides a practical approach to implementation." "T...

Torrington: Human Resource Management,Tenth Edition

“This is a highly engaging text on the theory and practice of HRM that is strongly recommended to both students and professionals.” Dr Aikaterini Koskina, UG Course Director for HRM, Keele University For three decades, this text has been the leading introduction to HRM for students at all levels, including those on CIPD-accredited courses. Comprehensive yet accessible, Human Resource Management covers all major areas of the field and...

Strategic Project Portfolio Management

This book broadened my thinking on project management within business. It highlights the portfolio angle, and relevant topics like how to drive adoption/usage and broad idea capture. The case studies bring things to life as well as the `list based' approach to best practices. I'd recommend it for someone who wants to understand the latest thinking in the project and portfolio management field and tie it back to business value and bus...