Strategie gegen Schwindler in der Privathaftpflichtversicherung

Privathaftpflichtversicherungen leiden in besonderem Maß unter Betrügereien. Die Branche schätzt, dass sich hinter jeder vierten Schadensmeldung ein Betrugsversuch verbirgt. Erstmals untersucht eine Studie umfassend dieses Phänomen und entwickelt ein Modell, das konsequent die finanziellen Anreize für Versicherungsbetrüger beseitigt. Das Modell regt zu Maßnahmen gegen diese Form des Versicherungsbetrugs an. Auf dieser Grundlage könnt...

CAPEX Excellence: Optimizing Fixed Asset Investments

This book is essential reading for managers faced with challenges of making individual or portfolio capital investment decisions and who are responsible for managing these capital assets over their entire asset lifecycle. The ideas put forward within the book will help to sharpen the focus of management on the impact capital investments have on the well-being and growth of their companies.

Business Valuation and Bankruptcy

An essential guide to business valuation and bankruptcy Business Valuation and Bankruptcy helps you-whether you are an accountant dealing with a troubled company, a lender, an investor, a bankruptcy and restructuring lawyer/financial advisor, or a private equity player-to focus on solving everyday and case determinative disputes when creditors, lenders, and debtors have differing views of value. Introducing valuation issues early on ...

Business Continuity Strategies, 3rd edition

This book presents organizations that have multiple locations with a step-by-step template for planning, developing, and administering facility and computer contingency programs consistent in purpose, scope, strategy, and level of detail. It also provides guidelines and controls to contain development costs and to ensure low-cost, interim processing strategies, consistent with the low probability of a disaster.

The Crash Course: The Unsustainable Future of Our Economy, Energy, and Environment

Chris Martenson did a phenomenal job at painting a clear, easily understandable picture of the reality we live in, without emotional spins or promotion of an underlying ideology. And his logic is sound. He lays out point by point what dawned on me for the last 20 years, then flawlessly connects all the dots, and shows how all major issues in our world today are just different aspects of one and the same problem, the way our global ec...

Results Management: Effective People Management to Achieve Excellent Results

Set within a company context and laced with real day-to-day challenges faced by managers, the book contains many practical ideas for all those involved in managing people to achieve results. Teong Wan provides down-to-earth approaches to put in place a management system to raise motivation and productivity. A book that makes for easy reading for the busy executive. I was looking forward to reading Ong Teong Wan's book for an applicat...

The Art of Contrarian Trading

I have been investing for 17 years and running money for 10 years this book has provided the key missing factor in my investment strategy a methodoloy for reading market sentiment that is reliable and not used widely by market participants, therefore its gives you a significant edge if employed with fundamental analysis and technical analysis. Since reading this book my ability to time the market correctly has lept signficantly as ha...

Future Ready: How to Master Business Forecasting

If you are working on forecasting, you may be interested by the book from Steve Morlidge and Steve Player: Future Ready - How to master business forecasting. Whereas "Dance with Chance" is more about the limitations of forecasting, the present book is about the way to apply forecasting to existing businesses. Let's be clear from the very beginning on the fact that this book is not about the technical aspect of forecasting. You will n...

High Performance Companies

Dr. Nitin Pangarkar wrote this book with a simple but yet powerful objective: to go beyond other strategy books by leveraging the concepts associated with new international examples. All of his real-world examples are depicted in a very user-friendly and pragmatic way that any instructor should appreciate. Strategic frameworks have been covered at length by others. What Dr. Pangarkar put together with respected colleagues at top busi...