Emotional Processing

How to Work Your Way Through Almost Anything

41KKH8nT3nL._SY291_BO1,204,203,200_QL40_ Author Stormy Smoleny
Isbn 9780978995744
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Year 2018
Pages 220
Language English
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Book Description:

On January 25, 2018, my husband was in hospice. After a horrendous previous week which led to his placement there, I had reached a state of exhaustion and my blood pressure had spiked into numbers that I didn't recognize as belonging to my 70 year old healthy self. (Yet there it was, 145/100.) I happened on the "Final Thoughts" section of the book that discusses the dynamics of acceptance. I applied them. My next pressure reading was 126/83.
I found the subtitle of the book, "How to Work Your Way through Almost Anything," to be true. Dr. Smoleny uses a take-you-by-the-hand, step by step approach that teaches ways to sustain a more balanced emotional, rational life. A favorite quote that reminds me to use the techniques in the book is, "The present moment is our only point of reality."
This is primarily a how-to book. If you're stuck in an emotional quagmire and can't seem to find relief, this book does show ways to identify dynamics that lie beneath surface emotions and thoughts and teaches ways to observe, identify, and release things that are blocking your way.
It is a how-to book that gives ways to stay emotionally balanced in the moment when the moment, thoughts, and emotions keep shifting. (If this sounds like Practical Zen, I mean it to.)
There is a chapter on "Forgiveness and Self-Attack" that I found liberating. It shows how to stop blaming others and self for problems and wrongs we experience in life. For me the process presented in the chapter took me from judging myself and the world, to a state of understanding and compassion for myself and others. The chapter also addresses ways to handle people we find impossible to handle in life.
"Emotional Processing" teaches how to stay focused in the present moment, and then how to use that focus to observe, identify and act in ways that can offer a more balanced emotional life. If your interests include personal growth and life-long learning, and if you dare to not just read the book but also apply its lessons, I think it can help you find your own way to working through almost anything.



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