A Simplified Coptic Dictionary (Sahidic Dialect)

In this new Coptic Dictionary, Dr. Azevedo has produced a convenient and affordable resource for students and scholars of Egyptology, ancient Semitic languages, and biblical studies. The dictionary begins with a handy introduction to the Coptic language and reference bibliography. Entries are also referenced to pages in Crum's lexicon.

The Palgrave Macmillan Dictionary of Political Thought

Roger scruton is superb at explaining terms and concepts, many of which are somewhat nebulous. I am professor emeritus of physics, not politics, but when I use this dictionary or just leaf through it, I find well-written articles of real value. This new edition takes stock of the revolutionary changes that have taken place since the dictionary was first published in 1982. 1790 entries cover every aspect of political thought providing...

The Norton Introduction to Literature, 12th Edition

The most trusted guide for helping students read critically and write carefully. The Norton Introduction to Literature presents an engaging, balanced selection of literature to suit any course. Offering a thorough treatment of historical and critical context, the most comprehensive media package available, and a rich suite of tools to encourage close reading and thoughtful writing, the Shorter Twelfth Edition is unparalleled in its g...

"Encyclopédie de culture générale insolite"

A chaque génération, un membre de la famille Gardella hérite des lourdes responsabilités familiales : cette foi, c’est Victoria gardella qui est appelée à devenir chasseuse de vampires. Héritière d’une lobgue lignée de Vénatores, elle doit doit perpétuer cette ancestrale tradition. Dans les rues du londres de l’époque victorienne, elle se rèvèle une redoutable adversaire des créature des créatures des tènèbres. Jusqu’au jour où une p...

The Visual Dictionary of Animal Kingdom

The Visual Dictionary of Animal Kingdom takes the reader on a fascinating voyage into well and less known groups of animals: simple organisms, echinoderms, insects, arachnids, mollusks, crustaceans, fishes, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals. Convenient and affordable, this book is the perfect tool to appreciate the diversity of animal kingdom!

The Chicago Food Encyclopedia

As a Chicagoan foodie I really enjoyed reading this book. The introduction is a very good overview of what makes Chicago food special. It is a short history of the city and the evolution of the food. The Encyclopedia entries are informative and include lots of historical photographs. Chicagoans will recognized most of the entries. Those unfamiliar with the city will begin to understand why Chicago is a top food city now hosting The J...

Encyclopaedia of Historical Metrology, Weights, and Measures: Volume 1

This first of three volumes starts with a short introduction to historical metrology as a scientific discipline and goes on with an anthology of acient and modern measurement systems of all kind, scientific measures, units of time, weights, currencies etc. It concludes with an exhaustive list of references. Units of measurement are of vital importance in every civilization through history. Since the early ages, man has through necess...

The Dumbest Things Ever Said

A collection of stupid utterances, mostly unintentional–although not always–from politics, show business, sports, and anywhere else people can put their feet in their mouths. Based on recorded history, it's safe to say that dumb remarks have been with us since the invention of writing. Young or old, rich or poor, famous or unknown, people of all generations and cultures have seized the opportunity to say something dumb - stupidity ha...

The Concise Cinegraph: Encyclopaedia of German Cinema

""It's a godsend that they have brought out this wonderful document...Hardcore information of this sort is incredibly important for the film historian and film students and sometimes even the film-maker, and it is gaining in value as the practitioners of 20th-century cinema disappear."."Kevin Brownlow, film historian, author, and filmmaker" ..".a fascinating, information filled encyclopedia of names associated with the German cinema....