International Security and the United States: An Encyclopedia

"This work offers 48 entries profiling individual countries or, in two cases, groups of countries. The theme running through each profile is human security, defined as the protection of individuals. Each entry is an analytical narrative discussing the various internal and external threats to human security in a particular nation. . . . This will be a useful work for large academic and research libraries and specialized international ...

Encyclopedia of Asylum Therapeutics, 1750-1950s

"fascinating...thorough and comprehensive research. Both engrossing and informative"--Against the Grain; "fascinating...a history of psychiatry, as seen through the eyes of a sociologist who has researched primary sources extensively and parlayed that data into highly readable, sometimes even poetic, prose. Everything is interesting...this book contains many fascinating factoids"--Metapsychology Online Reviews; "essays are descriptiv...

The Marino Mission: One Girl. One Mission. One Thousand Words.

An excellent idea for a book-- write a short novel aimed at teens that contains one thousand SAT vocabulary words. Pick a subject that will probably resound with the teen population and run with it. Granted, your language is going to be a bit highbrow, but that's the whole purpose of the thing, right? Chapman comes pretty close to getting it right. The target audience will not be the wiser when she stumbles a bit trying to fit one of...

Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt (3rd edition)

I am not the biggest fan of ancient Egypt, preferring their Assyrian and Hittite neighbors, but this book is very useful for anyone with an interest in the pre-Classical world. It appears to be well-researched (even if not up to academic level, as the other reviewers made plain) and is very thorough in its coverage of the life and times of the Egyptians. Included are short bios of all the pharaohs and many of the queens of Egypt, as ...

A Multilingual Dictionary of Maxims and Proverbs

This collection contains 300 Greek maxims and proverbs accompanied by their counterparts in eight European languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Dutch, and Russian. The introduction relates the history, the origin, and the importance of proverbs; it also includes a short chapter on the use of proverbs in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Modern Greek literature. This book is a useful companion bo...

A Tima-English Dictionary

Tima is one of three languages of the isolated Katla cluster, consisting of Tima and the neighboring closely related Katla and Julud. All three languages are spoken in the Nuba Mountains, Sudan. According to Greenberg (1963), the Katla group belongs to the subgroups forming the Kordofanian branch of Niger-Kordofanian (Niger-Congo). However, the genetic relationship of the Katla group as part of Kordofanian is not undisputed. The lang...

A Dictionary of Colour: A Lexicon of the Language of Colour

"I am simply astonished! The Dictionary of Colour is astounding. I started thinking Why would one want this? and ended up deep in the origins of turquoise, the fact that homage means blue, maddening conundrums like the hat problem, and so on. I have now wasted happy hours and am going to stop!"

Le nouveau dictionnaire Visuel Junior

Le Nouveau Dictionnaire Visuel junior, c'est la découverte du monde qui nous entoure, en images et en mots. Avec ses courts textes encyclopédiques, ses thèmes revus et ses illustrations actualisées, cette nouvelle édition enrichie du populaire Dictionnaire Le Visuel Junior est un outil de connaissance original et pratique pour avoir le mot juste en tout temps. Indispensable à l'école comme à la maison, Le Nouveau Dictionnaire Visuel ...

Epidemics: The Impact of Germs and Their Power over Humanity

This book comprehensively reviews the 10 most influential epidemics in history, going beyond morbid accounts of symptoms and statistics to tell the often forgotten stories of what made these epidemics so calamitous. • Discusses epidemic disease as a major driving force in shaping our world • Brings epidemic diseases out of the background of historical narratives and demonstrates how they have had an immensely important role in decidi...

Alcohol in Popular Culture: An Encyclopedia

From the insistent advertising messages of alcohol purveyors and the ubiquitous happy hour, to virtually every contemporary social gathering, the influence and presence of alcohol is inescapable in the modern Western World. This encyclopedia presents an overview of the history of alcohol in the USA, from the first colonies to present day, focusing on the often marginalized and pop culture aspects of alcohol use and misuse. Entries hi...