Dictionary Of Inequalities, Second Edition

Adding new results that have appeared in the last 15 years, Dictionary of Inequalities, Second Edition provides an easy way for researchers to locate an inequality by name or subject. This edition offers an up-to-date, alphabetical listing of each inequality with a short statement of the result, some comments, references to related inequalities, and sources of information on proofs and other details. The book does not include proofs ...

Larousse – Difficultés Du Français : Les Indispensables

Un répertoire alphabétique des difficultés de la langue française, sur lesquelles on s'interroge ou hésite : questions d'accord ou de construction, emploi des pronoms relatifs, des conjonctions de subordination, emploi des temps et des modes selon le verbe ou le type de phrase, mots et expressions : les confusions à éviter. Des conseils et des exemples pour s'exprimer avec justesse selon la situation ou la personne à qui l'on s'adres...

Français Cp – Cahier Du Jour, Cahier Du Soir : 6-7 Ans

Une structure simple et efficace pour assimiler toutes les notions du programme. -J'observe et je retiens : de nombreux exemples pour retenir les règles essentielles. -Je m'entraîne : des exercices progressifs pour vérifier l'acquisition des connaissances et les mettre en pratique. -Un cahier central détachable regroupant les corrigés détaillés de tous les exercices. -Une rubrique d'auto-évaluation pour chaque leçon.

The Encyclopedia Of Herbs, Spices, & Flavorings

This is the best of the best. It is well organized, beautifully illustrated and very well-thought out and includes so much of the information I am looking for with my extensive herb garden. The information about herb-inflused oils and vinegars was of most interest to me, and I am using it to make many special gifts for my friends and for holiday givings. Thanks so much. This book is a joy and a treasure. I bought it at the Philadelph...

Historical Dictionary Of Tibet

Tibet is a land bounded by the world’s highest mountains, and it is the repository of an ancient culture. For centuries it was viewed by Europeans as a remote, mystical place populated by Buddhist masters with supernatural powers and profound wisdom. In contrast to this image, it was once a warlike country whose expansionist rulers conquered a vast empire that incorporated much of central Asia and parts of China. Even now the Tibetan...

Views Of Asia, Australia And New Zealand

What is the only frozen planet? Today the Foo Fighters is a rock band, but did you know that in World War II American pilots gave the name to mysterious UFOs--floating lights they saw over Germany. In addition to an atmosphere, which three things are needed for life? A) water, heat, and air, b) dirt, heat, and light, or c) water, heat, and light. Find the answers to these questions and more in the Britannica Learning Library-an excit...

Historical Dictionary Of International Intelligence, Second Edition

While the United States has had some kind of intelligence capability throughout its history, its intelligence apparatus is young, dating only to the period immediately after World War II. Yet, in that short a time, it has undergone enormous changes—from the labor-intensive espionage and covert action establishment of the 1950s to a modern enterprise that relies heavily on electronic data, technology, satellites, airborne collection p...

Gastronomic Dictionary In Ten Languages: (besides The Scientifics Names In Latín)

GASTRONOMIC DICTIONARY IN TEN LANGUAGES Besides the scientifics names in Latín Nominate to the International Bookfair of Frankfurt 2015 With 489 references with linked index For the gastronomy and innkeeper inn profesionals. From A to Z in each language for international scope. All the benefits will be given to the poor children who suffer undernourishment and other basics needs. In their name, thank you very much.

The Postcolonial Studies Dictionary

The Postcolonial Studies Dictionary provides students with an essential resource for navigating the field of postcolonial theory. Each of the more than 150 entries includes the origins, where traceable, of a key term or concept; a detailed explanation of its perceived meaning and theoretical usage; and examples of literary and cultural texts where the term appears. Written by a respected scholar of postcolonialism, the Dictionary fea...