Le Robert Dixel, 5th Revised Edition

200 000 définitions et noms propres. Orthographe, conjugaison, étymologie, expressions et locutions, nombreux exemples d'emploi 60 000 synonymes, 6 000 citations littéraires. 2 000 dossiers et planches thématiques Une recherche facile et rapide : un seul ordre alphabétique regroupant les mots du français et les noms propres 6 000 illustrations et cartes. Exclusif : 100 vidéos clés de l'Histoire de 1895 à nos jours. 6 000 photos, un c...

The One Percenter Encyclopedia: The World Of Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs From Abyss Ghosts To Zombies Elite

Ever wonder how the Hells Angels got their name? Ever wonder about that little demonic critter on the Pagan’s patch? Ever wonder about the local one-percenter motorcycle club that hangs out at the corner bar? The One-Percenter Encyclopedia answers these questions and many more. Featuring concise entries that include information on founding chapters, founding dates, number of chapters, number of members, and club biography, this book ...

Colonial America: An Encyclopedia Of Social, Political, Cultural, And Economic History

No era in American history has been more fascinating to Americans, or more critical to the ultimate destiny of the United States, than the colonial era. Between the time that the first European settlers established a colony at Jamestown in 1607 through the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the outlines of America's distinctive political culture, economic system, social life, and cultural patterns had begun to emerge. Design...

The Banknote Yearbook (9th Edition)

Banknote Yearbook 9th Edition Profusely illustrated in FULL COLOUR THROUGHOUT Essential guide to the banknotes of England, Scotland, Ireland (Northern Ireland and the Republic), the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man Fully updated for 2015 with ALL PRICES revised in line with market movements, This hardbound, easy to use reference is an absolutely essential addition to any notaphile’s bookshelf! Once again all English notes are grad...

Archaeology Of Food: An Encyclopedia

What are the origins of agriculture? In what ways have technological advances related to food affected human development? How have food and foodways been used to create identity, communicate meaning, and organize society? In this highly readable, illustrated volume, archaeologists and other scholars from across the globe explore these questions and more. The Archaeology of Food offers more than 250 entries spanning geographic and tem...

Larousse – Orthographe : Les Indispensables

Des fiches claires et structurées, illustrées de nombreux exemples, pour comprendre et retenir règles et notions : féminin et pluriel des noms, des adjectifs et des déterminants, homonymes à ne pas confondre, particularités des mots composés, mots invariables, accords : verbe et sujet, participes passés. Les exceptions et les pièges à éviter. Des conseils pratiques pour acquérir les bons réflexes.

500 Common Chinese Idioms: An Annotated Frequency Dictionary

If you are a native English speaker studying Chinese, this chengyu dictionary is an absolute must. I have spent years being frustrated by a) chengyu dictionaries that were only written in Chinese without any pinyin or other help for non-native Chinese speakers, b) chengyu books with stories in English that explain the chengyu, but don't give examples of how to use it or how common the chengyu is. FINALLY, the authors of this book hav...

Coin Yearbook 2015

The Coin Yearbook 2015 is the INDEPENDENT price guide and collector's handbook for the coin hobby, with features which include accurate up-to-the-minute valuations for all English, Scottish, Irish and Channel Islands coins. Also featured are sections on Celtic, Roman and early English hammered coins. As well as the authoritative simplified price guide there are useful sections not found in any similar publication, including a full di...

Word Rhythm Dictionary: A Resource For Writers, Rappers, Poets, And Lyricist

The Word Rhythm Dictionary: A Resource for Writers, Rappers, Poets, and Lyricists is a new kind of dictionary—one that reflects the use of “rhythm rhymes” by rappers, poets, and songwriters of today. This is an eminently practical reference work for all wordsmiths looking to add musicality to their writing. Users of this dictionary can alphabetically look up words in the General Index to find collections of words that have the same r...

Petit Dictionnaire Énervé De La Franc-maçonnerie

Journaliste à France Info, Patrick Lelong est depuis de longues années une signature avisée de la planète économique et financière. Mais son jardin secret est ailleurs... Pour la première fois, il décrit de l'intérieur l'une des organisations les plus secrètes et les plus passionnantes de France : la franc-maçonnerie. Sans abandonner nullement ses convictions, Patrick Lelong fait preuve d'un courage singulier pour révéler tant au pro...