Encyclopedia of Criminology

56b350c60f424.jpeg Author J. Mitchell Miller and Richard A. Wright
Isbn 978-1579583873
File size 9 Mb
Year 2005
Pages 1976
Language English
File format PDF
Category Encyclopedia and Dictionary

Book Description:

The Encyclopedia of Criminology is a highly commendable addition to an increasingly crowded field, with well-written and well-informed entries on the topics addressed. It would seem to be an especially appropriate acquisition for libraries at universities or colleges offering a strong undergraduate or graduate program in criminology. One has to hope that it will be widely consulted by criminology students and scholars in the field for many years to come.

This three-volume work offers a comprehensive review of the pivotal concepts, measures, theories, and practices that comprise criminology and criminal justice.

No longer just a subtopic of sociology, criminology has become an independent academic field of study that incorporates scholarship from numerous disciplines including psychology, political science, behavioral science, law, economics, public health, family studies, social work, and many others. The three-volume Encyclopedia of Criminology presents the latest research as well as the traditional topics which reflect the field's multidisciplinary nature in a single, authoritative reference work.

More than 525 alphabetically arranged entries by the leading authorities in the discipline comprise this definitive, international resource. The pivotal concepts, measures, theories, and practices of the field are addressed with an emphasis on comparative criminology and criminal justice. While the primary focus of the work is on American criminology and contemporary criminal justice in the United States, extensive global coverage of other nations' justice systems is included, and the increasing international nature of crime is explored thoroughly.

Providing the most up-to-date scholarship in addition to the traditional theories on criminology, theEncyclopedia of Criminology is the essential one-stop reference for students and scholars alike to explore the broad expanse of this multidisciplinary field.



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