The Endless Search For Absolute Kime: Karate Budo

5636eaa66ac5f.jpg Author Gilles Lavigne
Isbn 1511946407
File size 18.3 MB
Year 2015
Pages 262
Language English
File format EPUB
Category Martial Arts

Book Description:

Gilles Lavigne Kyoshi has been practicing Karate since he was 13 years old. His forty-three continuous years of experience in the Martial Arts has given him a unique perspective on the basics and higher principles of Karate. These principles he shares have been taught to him by some celebrated and acclaimed Japanese, Canadian and American Masters. He currently holds an 8th Dan black belt in Karate Shotokan and is the founder and head of the Canadian Martial Arts Association. He also has a black belt in Chito Ryu style of Karate. Lavigne Kyoshi states that Karate-do is a catch phrase that describes a self-actualization process. He asserts that the Karate life consists of awakening consciousness or awareness at different stages in our lives on the Physical, Mental, and Spiritual dimensions. It has been his observation that self-actualization processes in the Martial Arts, Tai Chi, Yoga and countless others far too many to mention, have been created to help followers gradually peel away at the different internal and external layers of their make-up to uncover his unique ‘Self’. The objective of this book as he points out is to guide karate-kas towards a continuous flow of awakening consciousness and awareness on all levels of their being. One must have clarity of perception in order to have pure intention. Pure intention is the guiding principle to live a virtuous and honorable life. The book is intended to be as kind of a road map, a guide along a trek and journey through a process of bringing together energies from all levels of our being to this focal point of pure intention in time and space. This process is called Kime.



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