Automated Driving: Safer and More Efficient Future Driving

The main topics of this book include advanced control, cognitive data processing, high performance computing, functional safety, and comprehensive validation. These topics are seen as technological bricks to drive forward automated driving. The current state of the art of automated vehicle research, development and innovation is given. The book also addresses industry-driven roadmaps for major new technology advances as well as colla...

Bormin Huang - Satellite Data Compression

Satellite Data Compression covers recent progress in compression techniques for multispectral, hyperspectral and ultra spectral data. A survey of recent advances in the fields of satellite communications, remote sensing and geographical information systems is included. Satellite Data Compression, contributed by leaders in this field, is the first book available on satellite data compression. It covers onboard compression methodology ...

Straßen- und Tiefbau

Seit über 30 Jahren ist das Fachbuch zum Erfolgsgarant in der Berufsbildung geworden. Das Lehrbuch vermittelt umfassendes Grundwissen für den modernen Straßenbau sicher und kompetent. Dabei bleibt der Inhalt weiterhin handlungs-, aber nicht streng lernfeldbezogen. Damit sind alle Ausbildungszweige sinnvoll eingebunden. Die einzelnen Abschnitte im Buch lassen sich leicht mit den im Lehrplan enthaltenen Lernfeldern verbinden. Die 11. A...

Bohdan Borowik - Interfacing PIC Microcontrollers to Peripherial Devices

This book is targeted for students of electronics and computer sciences. The first part of the book contains 15 original applications working on the PIC microcontroller, including: lighting diodes, communication with RS232 (bit-banging), interfacing to 7-segment and LCD displays, interfacing to matrix keypad 3 x 4, working with PWM module and others. This material can be used to cover one semester's teaching of microcontroller progra...

Real-Time Digital Signal Processing,: Implementations, Application and Experiments with the TMS320C55X

The rapid advancement in digital technology in recent years has allowed the implementation of incredibly sophisticated digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms that make real-time tasks feasible. Real-time DSP is currently a very hot subject in today's engineering fields fuelled by the ever-increasing demand for high-performance digital signal processors. The TMS320C55x is the latest of Texas Instrument's line of highly successful ...

Plastics Packaging: Properties, Processing, Applications, and Regulations

Plastic materials continue to play a vital and growing role in packaging applications. It is thus more important than ever that all involved in the packaging industry command a basic understanding of the properties of the common packaging plastics. This highly regarded book provides just that to students and packaging professionals alike: material properties and how they relate to the chemical structure of the polymers, common proces...

Werkstoffkunde: Strukturen, Eigenschaften, Prüfung (Auflage: 17)

Mittlerweile ist der Weißbach das Standardwerk und somit ein zuverlässiger Ratgeber in Fragen der Werkstoffkunde. Auf Grund seines verständlich geschriebenen Textes ist es für den Einsatz an Fachschulen und Fachhochschulen gleichermaßen gut geeignet. Kontinuierlich werden Verbesserungen vorgenommen, Abschnitte neu gestaltet und theoretische Grundlagen vertieft. Neu ist in der aktuellen Auflage ein Beitrag zur Thermoschockbeständigkei...

Improving Complex Systems Today

As the main theme of Improving Complex Systems Today implies, this book is intended to provide readers with a new perspective on concurrent engineering from the standpoint of systems engineering. It can serve as a versatile tool to help readers to navigate the ever-changing state of this particular field. The primary focus of concurrent engineering was, at first, on bringing downstream information as far upstream as possible by intro...

Fundamentals of Picoscience

Now ubiquitous in public discussions about cutting-edge science and technology, nanoscience has generated many advances and inventions, from the development of new quantum mechanical methods to far-reaching applications in electronics and medical diagnostics. Ushering in the next technological era, Fundamentals of Picoscience focuses on the instrumentation and experiments emerging at the picometer scale. One picometer is the length o...

Computational Intelligence for Engineering Systems: Emergent Applications

Computational Intelligence for Engineering Systems provides an overview and original analysis of new developments and advances in several areas of computational intelligence. Computational Intelligence have become the road-map for engineers to develop and analyze novel techniques to solve problems in basic sciences (such as physics, chemistry and biology) and engineering, environmental, life and social sciences. The contributions are...