Lean Six SIGMA and Statistical Tools for Engineers and Engineering Managers

The book focuses on the introduction of the basic concepts, processes, and tools used in Lean Six Sigma. A unique feature is the detailed discussion on Design for Six Sigma aided by computer modeling and simulation. The authors present several sample projects in which Lean Six Sigma and Design for Six Sigma were used to solve engineering problems or improve processes based on their own research and development experiences in engineer...

Elektronik kinderleicht!

In diesem Buch lernst du, coole Dinge aus den gleichen Teilen zu bauen, wie du sie in Fernsehgeräten, elektronischem Spielzeug, Radios und vielen anderen technischen Geräten findest. Die Experimente und Projekte sind sowohl unterhaltsam, wie zum Beispiel ein von Zitronen betriebenes Licht, als auch nützlich (aber trotzdem unterhaltsam), wie zum Beispiel ein Einbruchsalarm und ein Musikinstrument. Teil 1 bildet die Grundlage für den R...

Elements of Algebraic Coding Systems

Elements of Algebraic Coding Systems is an introductory text to algebraic coding theory. In the first chapter, you'll gain inside knowledge of coding fundamentals, which is essential for a deeper understanding of state-of-the-art coding systems. This book is a quick reference for those who are unfamiliar with this topic, as well as for use with specific applications such as cryptography and communication. Linear error-correcting bloc...

Improving Flood Prediction Assimilating Uncertain Crowdsourced Data into Hydrologic and Hydraulic Models

In recent years, the continued technological advances have led to the spread of low-cost sensors and devices supporting crowdsourcing as a way to obtain observations of hydrological variables in a more distributed way than the classic static physical sensors. The main advantage of using these type of sensors is that they can be used not only by technicians but also by regular citizens. However, due to their relatively low reliability...

ASME International Steam Tables for Industrial Use

Industrial steam tables exist to provide a standard set of properties of water and steam for manufacturers, customers, and other parties. Three desirable qualities for a set of industrial steam tables are accuracy, self-consistency, and stability. The properties must be reasonably accurate and self-consistent to support quality design of equipment. A formulation must remain the standard for many years, because the change from one sta...

Remote Sensing Techniques and GIS Applications in Earth and Environmental Studies

Emerging technologies have enhanced the various uses of geographic information systems. This allows for more effective analysis of available data to optimize resources and promote sustainability. Remote Sensing Techniques and GIS Applications in Earth and Environmental Studies is a critical reference source for the latest research on innovative methods for analyzing geographic data and utilizing sensor technologies for environmental ...

Occupational Safety and Hygiene V

Occupational Safety and Hygiene V contains selected contributions from the International Symposium on Occupational Safety and Hygiene (SHO 2017, 10-11 April 2017, Guimarães, Portugal). The contributions focus on a wide range of topics, including: - occupational safety - risk assessment - safety management - ergonomics - management systems - environmental ergonomics - physical environments - construction safety, and - human factors Oc...

Primer on Engineering Standards

Standards play a very important part in the engineering world. They supplement the design process by guiding the designer or user to ensure consistent products with safe and reliable operation. Understanding and complying with pertinent standards helps to ensure a successful design, fabrication, and operation of a product. This book introduces the concept of standards and their impact and value. Chapter 1 gives a brief introduction t...

Thriving in the 21st Century Economy

"This powerful book has two interwoven parts. The first part tells us the story of what has happened to STEM work in the U.S. economy over the past few decades of relentless globalization and digitization of information. Refreshingly the authors stop short of making a prediction. Instead, they turn their attention to what can be done to energize and transform the work of STEM professionals to benefit the global economy as well as the...

Sistemi di Automazione industriale - Architetture e controllo

Il volume offre una visione di sistema dei processi di supervisione e controllo dedicati al funzionamento di macchine e apparati interdipendenti, integrati con sistemi di calcolatori distribuiti che operano su una rete di comunicazione capace di svolgere in tempo reale la prevista sequenza di funzioni fondamentali, quali acquisizione, condizionamento, diagnosi, elaborazione e attuazione. Ne segue che anche nell’area dell’automazione ...