Statistical Methods for Estimating Petroleum Resources

This book describes procedures for determining the total hydrocarbon (petroleum) resource or resource potential in a region. Statistical concepts and methods employed in petroleum resource assessment are the subject of the manuscript, extensively illustrated by numerous real case studies. Prof. Lee's computer-aided Petroleum Information Management and Resource Evaluation System (PETRIMES) methodology has been adopted by governments a...

Berechnung von Drehstromnetzen

Dieses aus langjähriger Vorlesungstätigkeit entstandene Lehr- und Praxisbuch beschreibt die wichtigsten Berechnungsverfahren für Drehstromnetze in moderner systematischer Fassung. Die äußerst vorteilhafte knotenorientierte Darstellung zieht sich dabei wie ein roter Faden durch das Buch. Schwerpunkte bilden das Rechnen mit Symmetrischen Komponenten im Frequenzbereich auf der Grundlage des klassischen Knotenpunktverfahrens und das Rech...


The recent introduction of the “nano” dimension to pyrotechnics has made it possible to develop a new family of highly reactive substances: nanothermites. These have a chemical composition that is comparable to that of thermites at submillimeter or micrometric granulometry, but with a morphology having a much increased degree of homogeneity. This book discusses the methods of preparation of these energetic nanomaterials, their specif...

Lateral Power Transistors in Integrated Circuits (Power Systems)

The book summarizes and compares recent advancements in the development of novel lateral power transistors (LDMOS devices) for integrated circuits in power electronic applications. In its first part, the book motivates the necessity for lateral power transistors by a top-down approach: First, it presents typical energy conversion applications in modern industrial, automotive and consumer electronics. Next, it introduces common circui...

Geosciences of Azerbaijan: Volume II

This book provides a review of Azerbaijan’s water reserves and main economic deposits (both hydrocarbon and hard) and describes the integrated application of geophysical methods (land, airborne, shipborne and satellite) for studying near-surface and environmental features and regional tectonic-geophysical zonation as well as the study of deep structures in the search for hydrocarbon and hard (polymetallic, copper, gold-bearing, iron-...

Microwave and Millimetre-Wave Design for Wireless Communications

This book describes a full range of contemporary techniques for the design of transmitters and receivers for communications systems operating in the range from 1 through to 300 GHz. In this frequency range there is a wide range of technologies that need to be employed, with silicon ICs at the core but, compared with other electronics systems, a much greater use of more specialist devices and components for high performance – for exam...

LEGO Software Power Tools, With LDraw, MLCad, and LPub

Create Virtual 3D LEGO Models Using LEGO Software Power Tools LEGO Master Builders have created a powerful set of tools that are distributed as freeware to the LEGO community to assist LEGO fans in their building adventures. Until now, these tools have been difficult to find, and even more difficult to configure to work with one another. Here, in one book, readers will find steps for installing and using all of the most popular LEGO ...

Digitising the Industry - Internet of Things Connecting the Physical, Digital and Virtual Worlds

This book provides an overview of the current Internet of Things (IoT) landscape, ranging from the research, innovation and development priorities to enabling technologies in a global context. A successful deployment of IoT technologies requires integration on all layers, be it cognitive and semantic aspects, middleware components, services, edge devices/machines and infrastructures. It is intended to be a standalone book in a series...

Surface Engineering Casebook: Solutions to Corrosion and Wear

The cost of corrosion and wear in industrial equipment, the infrastructure, and products is huge. Intensive research has been focused on this problem in recent years and preventive surface engineering technologies have been advanced to a new state of effectiveness. This book provides an in-depth presentation of surface engineering technologies for engineering materials. The illustrated text covers theory, problem identification, mate...