Membrane Distillation and Osmotic Distillation

This book addresses the principles and applications of membrane distillation and osmotic distillation, separation technologies that are gaining increasing attention for a wide range of industrial applications. Written by leading practitioners of these critical distillation methods, Understanding Membrane Distillation and Osmotic Distillation serves as a key resource for readers involved in chemical engineering, food processing, desal...

Oscillator Circuits: Frontiers in Design, Analysis and Applications

This book fills the need for a comprehensive volume on the most recent research on oscillator circuit design, analysis and application. It highlights developments in the analysis of synchronization and wave phenomena, new analytical and design methods and their application, and novel engineering applications of oscillator circuits. Topics covered include various oscillatory circuits and their synchronization; bifurcation analysis of ...

Dielectrophoresis: Theory, Methodology and Biological Applications

This is a valuable resource for those studying bioelectronics, BIOMEMS, biophysics, biosensors, lab-on-chip technologies, microfluidics, particle analysis and separation, as well as for researchers working on the fundamentals of dielectrophoresis across a wide range of applications, both biological and non-biological. More formal and quantitative material is shown in text boxes for easy identification, while worked examples throughou...

Encrypting a Second Internal or External Hard Drive: Using TrueCrypt

Learn how to securely encrypt both external hard drives, second internal hard drives, and attached USB hard or flash drives. Ensure that the encryption used has no back doors. Use the most trusted Encryption program of all times, TrueCrypt. Instructions are simple step-by-step, assuming NO technical expertise. Find out why TrueCrypt is actually secure!i

Geomodels in Engineering Geology: An Introduction

The book provides a valuable guide to the evaluation and understanding of ground and environmental conditions of sites and their surrounds. This is done through a series of annotated block models and supporting photographs of common geological and geomorphological situations around the world, with basic text explanations and information on each principal block diagram and its annotated photographs. Ground conditions depend on the cli...

Camaro: Fifty Years of Chevy Performance

This was a gift for a Chevy lover and Camaro enthusiast. I couldn't wait to give it to him so I could look through it too. Great pictures and wonderfully chronicled history. Attractive and fun book. He loved it! The book is extremely nice and has in it everything one would expect for an enthusiast's car. The photography is excellent. The pages are nice and crisp as well at thick enough to be sturdy but not so much that they are hard ...

Photovoltaik: Solarstrahlung und Halbleitereigenschaften, Solarzellenkonzepte und Aufgaben

Das Buch bietet einen guten Überblick um die physikalischen Grundlagen von Solarzellen zu verstehen. Der Aufbau und die Darstellung der einzelnen Kapitel sind sorgfältig gemacht, so dass sich das Buch auch gut für das Selbststudium eignet. Das Lehrbuch Photovoltaik" von H.G.Wagemann und H.Eschrich aus dem Verlag B.G.Teubner ist im deutschen Sprachbereich eine sehr gute Einführung in die Physik sowie in die Grundlagen des Aufbaus und ...

High Temperature Processing of Milk and Milk Products

This book is one of the most thoroughly written texts on Extended Shelf Life (ESL) and UHT Milks. The two authors, Deeth and Lewis are well known researcher in UHT milk and highly regarded by the dairy industry worldwide. I would highly recommend the book to researchers and food companies who could benefits from several commercially useful data presented in the book.

Ingenieurwissenschaftliche Untersuchungen an der Hauptkuppel und den Hauptpfeilern der Hagia Sophia in Istanbul

Die Hagia Sophia in Istanbul ist eines der baugeschichtlich wichtigsten und ingenieurmäßig bemerkenswertesten Bauwerke der letzten 1500 Jahre. Mit Hilfe zerstörungsfreier geophysikalischer Untersuchungsverfahren konnte der heutige Bestand und Zustand der Hauptkuppel, der Pendentifs und der Hauptpfeiler intensiv erkundet werden. Auf Grundlage der erlangten neuen Kenntnisse zum Konstruktionsgefüge wurden Berechnungsmodelle entwickelt u...