Die Kaliindustrie Im 21. Jahrhundert: Stand Der Technik Bei Der Rohstoffgewinnung Und Der Rohstoffaufbereitung

Nie war die Nachfrage nach Kalidüngemitteln in der etwa 150 jährigen Geschichte des Industriezweiges so groß wie heute. Die rasant anwachsende Weltbevölkerung schreit nach einer stabilen und nachhaltigen Nahrungsgüterversorgung. Bei der Energiewende kommt der vermehrten Nutzung nachwachsender Biokraftstoffe eine wichtige Rolle zu. Beides stellt die moderne Landwirtschaft vor große Herausforderungen, die ohne den Einsatz von mineralis...

Microelectronic Circuit Design, 5th Edition

Richard Jaeger and Travis Blalock present a balanced coverage of analog and digital circuits; students will develop a comprehensive understanding of the basic techniques of modern electronic circuit design, analog and digital, discrete and integrated. A broad spectrum of topics are included in Microelectronic Circuit Design which gives the professor the option to easily select and customize the material to satisfy a two-semester or t...

Rescuing Prometheus: Four Monumental Projects That Changed The Modern World

Building the pyramids was child's play compared with designing the Internet and other highly complex 20th-century projects. So many individuals and organizations had to come together to successfully build these more recent monumental structures that new ways of managing complex undertakings had to be invented on the spot. Eminent technology historian Thomas P. Hughes explores the development of systems engineering in Rescuing Prometh...

Ökobilanzen Im Brückenbau – Eine Umweltbezogene, Ganzheitliche Bewertung

Umweltbezogene Produktbewertungen, insbesondere Okobilanzen, haben sich in den letzten Jahren als eigenstandige Bewertungsinstrumente etabliert. Um Handlungs empfehlungen ableiten zu konnen, muss ihre allgemeine Methodik an die Erfordernisse der zu bewertenden Produkte angepasst werden. In dem vorliegenden Buch werden die Moglichkeiten einer umweltbezogenen Bewertung von Brucken analysiert. Aus den Ergebnissen wird ein Bewertungsverf...

Advanced Malware Analysis

A one-of-a-kind guide to setting up a malware research lab, using cutting-edge analysis tools, and reporting the findings Advanced Malware Analysis is a critical resource for every information security professional's anti-malware arsenal. The proven troubleshooting techniques will give an edge to information security professionals whose job involves detecting, decoding, and reporting on malware. After explaining malware architecture ...

Tidal Power: Harnessing Energy From Water Currents

With the demand for energy outstripping conventional sources from fossil fuels, new sources of energy must be found. Tidal power is a potentially rich source of renewable energy. Even though power plants that run on hydropower have been around a long time, new types, such as those run without dams, have not been as heavily researched and presented to the scientific community. This book is a step in that direction—suggesting more cost...

Électricité En 19 Fiches – Régimes Sinusoïdal Et Non Sinusoïdal

Cet ouvrage présente en 19 fiches de 4 à 8 pages, les bases communes nécessaire à une formation en électricité pour l'étudiant des filières BTS Industriels. L'ouvrage aborde plus particulièrement l'étude des régimes périodiques non-sinusoïdaux . Chaque fiche comprend un rappel succinct des éléments importants du cours, des compléments, des méthodes de travail, des méthodes de mesures, des schémas ou appareillages associés au thème tr...

Performative Materials: In Architecture And Design

Performative Materials in Architecture and Design addresses the convergence of several significant and fundamental advancements in the ways that materials and environments are designed, evaluated, and experienced within architecture and related disciplines. The emergence of experimental and ultra-performing materials, interactive processing systems, and digital design and fabrication techniques has established an interconnected netwo...

Engineering Creative Design In Robotics And Mechatronics

While technologies continue to advance in different directions, there still holds a constant evolution of interdisciplinary development. Robotics and mechatronics is a successful fusion of disciplines into a unified framework that enhances the design of products and manufacturing processes. Engineering Creative Design in Robotics and Mechatronics captures the latest research developments in the subject field of robotics and mechatron...

La Transition Énergétique: Une Énergie Moins Chère, Un Million D’emplois Créés

INEDIT La transition énergétique ou passage des énergies anciennes aux énergies renouvelables est un débat crucial pour au moins trois raisons différentes : la rapide diminution des réserves de pétrole, le possible réchauffement du climat, la possibilité de créer des centaines de milliers d’emplois dans la fabrication et l’installation des énergies vertes qui remplaceront à terme les 65 milliards d’euros d’énergies fossiles importées...