English/Xhosa Dictionary

00539c0c_medium Author Arnold Fischer
Isbn 9780195702903
File size 169.7MB
Year 1985
Pages 736
Language English
File format PDF
Category Encyclopedia and Dictionary

Book Description:

I am very pleased with the dictionary thus far as a beginning Xhosa learner. When I bought it, I had hoped it was also a Xhosa to English dictionary, but now that it has arrived I see it is strictly English to Xhosa. My main grammar issues at this stage are learning to conjugate Xhosa verbs and use correct pronouns, so I welcome fellow reviewers' suggestions for good Xhosa grammar resources in general. I'll update my review as I get more experience using this dictionary.

A comprehensive English-Xhosa dictionary that includes everyday and technical terms and indicates the class system of Xhosa nouns. Numerous examples of usage in context make this dictionary a leader in its field, with about 15000 entries.




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