Erotica Universalis Volume I

587151d088faa.jpeg Author Gilles Neret
Isbn 9783822889633
File size 93.7MB
Year 1994
Pages 800
Language English, German
File format PDF
Category Sexuality

Book Description:

Erotica Universalis Volume by art historian Gilles Neret offers a visual survey of centuries of erotic illustration. This book is a museum of sexual explicit images as conceived by some of the best known and otherwise unknown illustrators of viewable penetration. The first volume of EROTICA UNIVERSALIS I gathered together a wonderfully in-depth selection of the erotica that has thrived in a parallel art world. It starts with ancient Greek and Roman, but is mostly devoted to painting and drawing of the last few centuries. There are about 750 images. Each illustration is given a full page and many are accompanied by a brief but revealing summary of the original text.



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