Essential Public Health: Theory And Practice (2nd Edition)

Essential-Public-Health-Theory-And-Practice-2nd-Edition Author Other
Isbn 9781107601765
File size 8.7 MB
Year 2012
Pages 282
Language English
File format PDF
Category Healthcare

Book Description:

This exciting new electronic textbook aims to introduce and explain each of the major aspects of human immunology that are likely to be covered during undergraduate courses in immunology. It should be of most benefit to students of biology, medicine, microbiology and of course, immunology. With 18 chapters and 98 full colour figures, the different topics are introduced in an order that can be followed from the most basic concepts of immunology in the early chapters, through to quite advanced topics later in the book. Each chapter begins with a summary of the information leading up to the chapter, and ends with a list of revision points summarising each key new item that has been introduced. For those wishing to explore particular topics in more depth, suggestions for further reading are offered at the end of each chapter, with links to external websites and articles that are free to access for readers with an internet connection.
Also included in the book is a self-assessment section featuring >160 self-test questions and answers to aid revision and also to help gauge understanding of the material presented in each chapter.
The book has been optimised for reading on tablets and other mobile devices, such as mobile telephones, kindles and other e-readers. In particular, the text and images are optimised to minimise file sizes in order to enable quick download and to be easily accommodated on smaller devices. All images are sized to fit the aspect ratio most commonly used by tablets, phones and e-readers, and to remain legible even when viewed using smaller screens. The book is also enabled for electronic text-to-speech conversion, so if your device offers this function, it will be possible to listen to the book as an aid to revision.



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