The Essentials of Performance Analysis: An Introduction

594f64d040c16.jpg Author Ian Franks and Mike Hughes
Isbn 0415423791
File size 3.22MB
Year 2007
Pages 344
Language English
File format PDF
Category Sport

Book Description:

What is performance analysis and how does its use benefit sports performance? How can you use performance analysis in your sport? The Essentials of Performance Analysis answers your questions, providing a complete guide to the foundational elements of match and performance analysis for new students and beginners. As well as a basic introduction to the sport science and theory that underlies performance analysis, the book contains many practical examples to show performance analysis in its applied context. It includes discussion of:
approaches to analyzing sport performance
the use of feedback technologies
the use of video and biomechanical analysis
interpreting data
coaching with notational analysis.
The Essentials of Performance Analysis is a straightforward, concise and authoritative guide for students of sport science and sports coaching, as well as for coaches and athletes looking to develop their insight into sports performance analysis.



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