Evidence of Editing: Growth and Change of Texts in the Hebrew Bible

5a80d2afd1d21.jpeg Author Bas Ter Haar Romeny, Juha Pakkala, and Reinhard Mller
Isbn 1589838831
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Year 2014
Pages 266
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Category Religion

Book Description:

This book seeks to demonstrate that substantial editing took place in the history of the Hebrew Bible. It presents empirical evidence that gives exemplary insight into the editorial processes. The examples show how successive scribes updated the texts to accord with changed historical and social circumstances and with new religious concepts.

On the basis of evidence that is collected here it can reasonably be assumed that editorial reworking of the Hebrew Bible continued unabated for centuries before the texts gradually became unchangeable. Their growing religious authority does not seem to have precluded scribes from changing the form, meaning, and content of the texts. On the contrary, for some scribes the religious authority attributed to the texts was reason to update or otherwise improve their wording in order to make sure that no blemish could be found in them. The empirical or documented evidence indicates that editorial modification was the rule rather than the exception, and accordingly signs of editing can be found in all parts of the Hebrew Bible.



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