Excel for Chemists: A Comprehensive Guide, 3 edition

002cc6bc_medium Author E. Joseph Billo
Isbn 9780470381236
File size 43MB
Year 2011
Pages 760
Language English
File format PDF
Category Chemistry

Book Description:

This is a very useful book, especially if you are an old-time user of Excel, and feel torn between the comfort and efficiency of Excel 2003 versus the space- and time-hogging ribbons of Excel 2007 and 2010. Billo nicely juxtaposes these, and explains how to go about your business in either format.

The book is subdivided into five parts: the basics (228 pages), advanced topics (167 pages), spreadsheet math (86 pages), VBA (63 pages) and its applications (74 pages), followed by 89 pages of appendices. The emphasis is strictly on the many things one can do with Excel as delivered by Microsoft, and it covers these in detail. Of course, one can always quibble with some details, such as the awkward distinction between "function macros" for (public) functions and "command macros" (just macros or spreadsheet-accessible subroutines, hence their call name Sub), or the use of the term "deconvolution" when "decomposition" (into simply additive components) is meant, but on the whole the treatment is quite thorough and authoritative. The included CD contains open-access functions and macros that nicely illustrate the methods described in the book.

If I may make a self-serving plug for the latest (also 3rd) edition of my own Advanced Excel book: Billo's book is the perfect introduction and companion to my book, which emphasizes how one can use VBA and freely available open-access software to go far beyond what Microsoft offers. But first things first: you can only benefit from such extensions after you have gained a solid footing in the basics, which Billo amply provides.



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