The Mother of All Pregnancy Books

Like so many of the other reviewers, I was a little perplexed by the disjointed organization of "What to Expect...". I was also a bit put off by the occasionally preachy tone. "Mother of All Pregnancy Books", however, is an honest, candid, approachable overview of all stages of conception. One of its greatest strengths is the early chapters entirely dedicated to conception and preparing oneself physically, emotionally, and financiall...

Unmarried Parents' Rights (and Responsibilities), 3E

Very easy to read and understand... My son is going through custody issues and can't afford legal assistance. This book has been very insightful and has offered many very helpful tips. I ordered this book to help a friend gain custody of his child. The book helped get him the information he needed. However the book was outdated. I highly recommend this book but make sure to get updated version.

The Crazy, Wonderful Things Kids Say

I love Dr. Tanis. He was my pediatrician and my two sons, so we are only two generations, but he has other families with three. I was so sad he retired, but this is a way to still enjoy his presence. It is a simple little book, from a truly great man. He is truly missed.

Divorce After 50 , 3rd Edition

Today, 1 in 4 people going through a divorce are over 50. Over-50 divorces can be more financially burdensome because they usually involve alimony, retirement, health insurance, and Social Security benefits – this book covers all these issues and more. I read this book cover to cover. I should have taken notes along the way. Ms. Green touched on many points that pertain to my situation. I learned that retirement benefits will need mo...

The Encyclopedia of Adoption

YA-- This unique reference succeeds in bringing together interdisciplinary research and knowledge on a complex subject. In one alphabet, the legal, medical, social, philosophical, emotional, and historical terms of adoption are discussed clearly as to their meaning and implications. The entries run the gamut from ``abandonment'' to ``zygote adoption,'' and include thoughtful essays about such topics as interracialand gay and lesbian ...

Today's Moms: Essentials for Surviving Baby's First Year

I wish someone would have given me this book a week before I had my son last year! This book should be called "What to REALLY expect when your expecting" because it's so much more realistic than the other books I've read on baby's first year. For example, no one told me about milk leakage. I had to learn the hard way just how bad and annoying and embarrassing it really is (especially because I did not nurse). Nor did anyone warn me t...

Women Who Were Sexually Abused as Children

This topic has needed a book for years! Thankfully, Teresa Gil noticed and has filled the gap. It is a book that will be of use to survivor/mothers and their families and supporters, including their therapists. Adult survivors of incest/child sexual abuse who become mothers often lack role models due to the deficits in their own upbringing and the pervasive shame and sense of inadequacy that can result from such a history. Survivor/m...

Wie kommt die Moral in den Kopf?

Immer wieder ist von Krisen die Rede, beispielsweise der Familie, der Jugend, der politischen Moral und des Wirtschaftssystems. Ist die Ursache dafür ein Werteverfall? Folgt unser alltägliches Verhalten wirklich „höheren Werten“? Ist Werteerziehung hilfreich? Basierend auf Erkenntnissen aus der Gehirnforschung, Psychologie und Soziologie beleuchtet der Autor andere, meist unbewusste Motive unseres Tuns und Lassens. Dem Leser werden u...