Latency: The Golden Age of Childhood

"This is an exceedingly wise book. It covers a seriously neglected area in psychoanalytic literature and theory. The clinical and historical illustrations, both of healthy thriving intelligent childhood and - equally- of painful failures in development and in thinking, make it a very illuminating and good read."-Anne Alvarez, Ph.D., MACP Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist

Dad Jokes: Good, Clean Fun for All Ages!

My Father-in-law loved this book. It arrived the day I gave it to him so I was only able to skim through it during our 15 min ride to the restaurant but I loved what I read. All the jokes were exactly what one would expect a Dad joke to be. I was reading them out loud to my husband and he even laughed. They are so stupid and corny that you can't not laugh.

L'Education élémentaire. Pédagogie scientifique Tome 2 - pédagogie Montessori

Comment éduquer les enfants, instruire et construire leur liberté sans avoir d'eux une approche globale, en ignorant tout de leur environnement et de leur milieu de vie ? Comment vraiment les considérer comme des personnes humaines à part entière, avec leurs potentialités intellectuelles, corporelles, mais aussi ludiques et spirituelles ? Autant de questions que se posait déjà la grande pédagogue Maria Montessori (1870-1952) voici pl...

The Secret Life of the Cheating Wife

This fascinating and well written book develops a sociology of infidelity, bringing insight into marriage, monogamy, relationships, and internet dating that will be useful for researchers examining relationships, professors teaching classes about the family, sexuality, and gender, and counselors of patients who are involved with infidelity. I was intrigued by the details of how women who cheat think about their actions, form and nego...

Helping Your Child with Language-Based Learning Disabilities

“Daniel Franklin has written a truly remarkable book about children with language-based learning disabilities. His work contains not only clear descriptions of different problems faced by children and adolescents with learning problems, but also realistic strategies for addressing these problems. I was especially impressed with Franklin’s understanding of and empathy for children who struggle with learning, as well as for their paren...

Transnational Aging and Reconfigurations of Kin Work

“This book is bursting with engaging ethnographic and theoretical contributions from across the world and life course. It’s indisputable: aging and kin-work are critical frames for understanding transnational connections, disruptions, and meaning-making in today’s precarious global economy.” Transnational Aging and Reconfigurations of Kin Work documents the social and material contributions of older persons to their families in setti...

Drive: 9 Ways to Motivate Your Kids to Achieve

I bought this book to help reinforce my views and to get some moral support for a very tough decision. It is an excellent book for parents who have been hovering over their child(ren), and need to find the right frame of mind and perspective on how to best ready them for the world beyond high school. The seller was wonderful to work with, would definitely recommend working with this seller to others. 100% satisfaction with the produc...

Baby Girls: An Owner's Manual

A gender-specific parenting guide offers expert advice, practical information, and checklists for parents raising a baby girl, covering such topics as how to select the right doctor, female hygiene and common health questions, great toys for girls, educational tools, enhancing a girl's sense of identity, and the social, cognitive, and emotional development of baby girls. Original.

From Birth to Five Years, 3rd Edition

From Birth to Five Years, based on the pioneering work of Mary Sheridan, has become a classic guide to the developmental progress of pre-school children. It is widely recognised as an invaluable reference for professionals training or working in health, education and social care. Features of this completely revised edition include: Charts describing key stages in the development of motor, perception, communication, play, independence...