Advice for Future Corpses (and Those Who Love Them)

“In its loving, fierce specificity, this book on how to die is also a blessedly saccharine-free guide for how to live. . . . Tisdale does not write to allay anxieties but to acknowledge them, and she brings death so close, in such detail and with such directness, that something unusual happens, something that feels a bit taboo. She invites not just awe or dread—but our curiosity. And why not? We are, after all, just 'future corpses p...

How to Be the Perfect Grandma: Live. Love. Spoil.

Such a fun read. I always purchase this book for my friends who are becoming First Time Grandmas. Becoming a grandmother is not one of life's free choices. You can pick your pet, your alma mater, and your spouse, but when and where you become a grandma is entirely up to your kids. You don't expect it, and you don't quite know how to respond. Being a grandma, though, is as close as you may ever get to perfection. In this charming and ...

Stop Arguing with Your Kids

"This excellent book is one that parents will dog-ear and keep handy. Like a wise grandparent, it helps today's stressed and beleaguered parents calm down and do a better job of parenting. Nichols' responsive listening approach is smart and sound, and it is presented clearly and confidently. I wish I had read Stop Arguing with Your Kids when I was a parent; I'll make sure my adult kids get copies."--Augustus Y. Napier, PhD, author of...

Nonverbal Learning Disabilities at Home: A Parent's Guide

Fantastic resource for parents and other caregivers for children with NLD! Easy to read, understandable explanations of the disorder and how it shows up in behavior and functioning. Simple and easy to implement suggestions to improve behavior and overall functioning. Helpful chapter summaries to refer back to when you need a refresher. An AMAZING resource and must read! Helped us and our daughter tremendously!

Gender, Pregnancy and Power in Eighteenth-Century Literature: The Maternal Imagination

This book reveals the cultural significance of the pregnant woman by examining major eighteenth-century debates concerning separate spheres, man-midwifery, performance, marriage, the body, education, and creative imagination. This book explores the medical, economic, moral, and literary ramifications of the notion that a pregnant woman could alter the development of her foetus with the power of her thoughts and feelings. Eighteenth-c...

Divorce Without Court

This is a great manual to learn about the emerging trend of mediation, collaboration, and cooperation. There is a gray area inbetween "we agree on everything, 100% mutual" and "The War of the Roses," and this book explores all of those options. It is in great detail -- more detail than I needed -- but rather err on that side. It prepared me to be better informed when I talked to my lawyer.... In the minutes I was able to save in unde...

Spaces and Politics of Motherhood

A beautifully written, groundbreaking study of the challenges mothers face in seeking to feel at home in the world. Evidence-based, theoretically sophisticated, and animated by personal experience, it makes exciting advances in motherhood scholarship, asking: how can mothers be supported, if their care-work isn’t welcomed into the everyday spaces of our lives? This book is destined to become a classic. (Fiona Giles, Senior Lecturer i...

Autism Mothers Speak Out

Mothers across countries and cultures share their stories of parenting a child on the autism spectrum A wonderful collection of stories by parents from all over the world of their children's lives with ASD. These portrayals from different families and their different situations convey, as one parent wrote, 'Happiness and fulfillment of the dreams of our children with autism are in our hands'. As one reads through these stories, often...