Jewish Family: Identity and Self-Formation at Home

Pomson and Schnoor step into a long-standing scholarly conversation about the study of how Jewish identity is formed and maintained, and what sorts of interventions might be taken to ensure that young Jews will be committed to that identity as they mature. (Riv-Ellen Prell, author of Fighting to Become Americans: Assimilation and the Trouble between Jewish Women and Jewish Men)

Special Needs Trusts , 7th Edition

Very helpful. Broad treatment of the subject covers major and minor and collateral topics in a well-written and relatively quick read. I would not try to run the whole course with just this book, but it was just what I was looking for: a relatively detailed backgrounder to provide orientation on the topic before meeting with an attorney. I would recommend this book, and also the author's other book on managing a special needs trust. ...

What Men with Asperger Syndrome Want to Know About Women, Dating and Relationships

This book provides information and wisdom on how someone with Asperger syndrome can achieve, maintain and enjoy a successful long-term relationship. The content resonates with my experience of supporting and guiding so many adults with Asperger syndrome seeking a partner or requesting relationship counselling, from a couple who have only recently fallen in love to those who have been together for decades and become grandparents. If y...

Speaking Our Truth: A Journey of Reconciliation

The caring and powerful tone Smith uses to communicate with her readers here is that of a teacher from which we all could learn. And while this nonfiction book is focused on the journey toward reconciliation for the people of Canada as they as a nation come to terms with the long-term effects of the residential school system, many parallels can be drawn to our own history in the United States, though we as a nation have not yet made ...

The Childcare Answer Book

Many families benefit from the help of childcare providers every day. With over 80,000 childcare facilities in the United States, finding the best childcare solution can be daunting, stressful and costly-both emotionally and financially. The Childcare Answer Book examines the options available and gives you straightforward, easy-to-use advice on finding the best arrangement that works for you and your child. The Childcare Answer Book...

Débrancher la machine à pensées

Vous arrive-t-il d'être focalisé sur une idée insistante ou envahi par un flot de pensées ? De vous perdre en anticipations anxieuses à propos d'un projet ? De rater un examen à cause du trac ? De ruminer des situations dans lesquelles vous "auriez dû dire cela, faire cela" ? Si oui, vous êtes victime de votre machine à pensées qui tourne trop souvent à plein régime ! Ce que vous vivez est alors parasité par un mental toxique ingérab...

Lecture joyeuse

Pourquoi Lecture Joyeuse ? Parce que nous souhaitons que tous les petits écoliers aiment la lecture et soient heureux de savoir lire. Durant cet apprentissage facile, les enfants suivront le parcours de quatre personnages s'élançant joyeusement à la découverte des sons et des mots. Chaque page est illustrée par un dessin faisant l'esquisse de leur vie quotidienne. A travers ces jolies illustrations, Émile, l'aîné, entraîne ses cadets...

The First Little Bastard to Call Me Gramps

“These poems are brilliant….Hilarious and shockingly human.” - Louise Penny, author of The Long Way Home Bill Richardson, winner of the Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour and former CBC Radio personality, delivers a “fresh and frisky” poetic take on transitioning into life as a retiree and living through the golden years. In their frank and witty delivery, Richardson's illustrated retirement rhymes for the hoary-headed do not just play...

What Lies Beneath: A Memoir

Here is a story I could relate to, having lived in New Zealand for a short time. However I think anyone could relate to this memoir because it is exquisitely told, and so full of heartbreaking and courageous events. I was not able to put this book aside once I had reached the last page; the next day, I opened the book again and read What Lies Beneath from start to finish. Now the book is circulating among my family members and friend...

Research with Children: Perspectives and Practices, 3rd edition

The entirely revised third edition of Research with Children forms a unique resource book on the methodology of childhood research with a core emphasis on theory driven practices. As in the previous two editions, this edition presents particular standpoints in the field, whilst also reflecting the latest developments in the now well-established interdisciplinary field of childhood studies. A rich collection of contributions from lead...