When Your Daughter Has BPD

“Daniel S. Lobel nails it. In clear language, he vividly depicts the struggles a family undergoes when a daughter has borderline personality disorder (BPD). Do not think drug treatments alone will suffice, or that a magical moment will change everything. What Lobel makes transparent is how necessary sound psychology is and how, properly applied, we now know enough to expect a happy outcome. Do not be intimidated by psychiatry or your...

Moi, l'enfant autiste

Enfant, Sean Barron semble normal. Certes, il crie souvent, déteste être pris dans les bras ; aux yeux de ses parents, c'est un mauvais cap à passer. Mais plus il grandit, plus son comportement devient difficile, incontrôlable. La vérité éclate, brutale : Sean est autiste. Grâce à leur amour, leur compréhension, leur patience, ses parents réussissent enfin à établir un lien avec lui. Un nouveau Sean naît alors. Il nous raconte les an...

Daring to Love: Move Beyond Fear of Intimacy, Embrace Vulnerability, and Create Lasting Connection

“Daring to Love is a wonderfully wise, beautifully written, and eminently practical book for anyone wishing to establish and maintain deeper, richer, and more lasting close relationships. It distills decades of research and clinical experience aimed at understanding and overcoming personal and relational barriers to happy, psychologically healthy living. The book contains many useful, personally engaging exercises based on the author...

Solving Health and Behavioral Problems from Birth through Preschool: A Parent's Guide

"This is an important and credible work. Written for intelligent parents of infants and young children in carefully and clearly written text, it reviews many of the common medical and behavioral problems seen in this age group. The author very clearly reports on when to call the physician--an important aid for worried parents. The book is very user friendly, easy to read, and written with humor."-Mark A. Goldstein, M.D. Chief, Divisi...

Be the Parent, Please

This book provides excellent information on the way technology and media effect today's children. It is filled with scientific studies and practical advice. I think it should be "required reading" for all parents. “If you’re a parent, you’re probably not going to enjoy reading Naomi Schaefer Riley’s new book Be The Parent, Please: Stop Banning Seesaws and Start Banning Snapchat: Strategies for Solving the Real Parenting Problems. But...

Counseling Addicted Families

This is an excellent book for addiction counselors to gain a practical way of understanding the importance of working with families and develops a a useful model that integrates various systems theories to assess and work with family members.

How to Be the Perfect Grandma: Live. Love. Spoil.

Such a fun read. I always purchase this book for my friends who are becoming First Time Grandmas. Becoming a grandmother is not one of life's free choices. You can pick your pet, your alma mater, and your spouse, but when and where you become a grandma is entirely up to your kids. You don't expect it, and you don't quite know how to respond. Being a grandma, though, is as close as you may ever get to perfection. In this charming and ...

Nonverbal Learning Disabilities at Home: A Parent's Guide

Fantastic resource for parents and other caregivers for children with NLD! Easy to read, understandable explanations of the disorder and how it shows up in behavior and functioning. Simple and easy to implement suggestions to improve behavior and overall functioning. Helpful chapter summaries to refer back to when you need a refresher. An AMAZING resource and must read! Helped us and our daughter tremendously!