Lecture joyeuse

Pourquoi Lecture Joyeuse ? Parce que nous souhaitons que tous les petits écoliers aiment la lecture et soient heureux de savoir lire. Durant cet apprentissage facile, les enfants suivront le parcours de quatre personnages s'élançant joyeusement à la découverte des sons et des mots. Chaque page est illustrée par un dessin faisant l'esquisse de leur vie quotidienne. A travers ces jolies illustrations, Émile, l'aîné, entraîne ses cadets...

The First Little Bastard to Call Me Gramps

“These poems are brilliant….Hilarious and shockingly human.” - Louise Penny, author of The Long Way Home Bill Richardson, winner of the Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour and former CBC Radio personality, delivers a “fresh and frisky” poetic take on transitioning into life as a retiree and living through the golden years. In their frank and witty delivery, Richardson's illustrated retirement rhymes for the hoary-headed do not just play...

What Lies Beneath: A Memoir

Here is a story I could relate to, having lived in New Zealand for a short time. However I think anyone could relate to this memoir because it is exquisitely told, and so full of heartbreaking and courageous events. I was not able to put this book aside once I had reached the last page; the next day, I opened the book again and read What Lies Beneath from start to finish. Now the book is circulating among my family members and friend...

Research with Children: Perspectives and Practices, 3rd edition

The entirely revised third edition of Research with Children forms a unique resource book on the methodology of childhood research with a core emphasis on theory driven practices. As in the previous two editions, this edition presents particular standpoints in the field, whilst also reflecting the latest developments in the now well-established interdisciplinary field of childhood studies. A rich collection of contributions from lead...

Parenting Beliefs, Behaviors, and Parent-Child Relations

The purpose of this book, is to present a rather simple argument. Parents' thoughts about childrearing and the ways in which they interact with children to achieve particular parenting or developmental goals, are culturally determined. Within any culture, children are shaped by the physical and social settings within which they live, culturally regulated customs and childrearing practices, and culturally based belief systems. The psy...

Jean-Pierre Lepri, "La fin de l'éducation ? Commencements..."

L'éducation, personne n'y échappe, et très peu en réchappent. À l'école, en famille, dans la rue, au travail, à la télé… Pourquoi ces éducations-formations ? À quelle fin (quelle finalité) ? L'éducation que je trouve en naissant n'a pourtant pas toujours existé. Et il n'est pas dit qu'elle va durer… Pour plusieurs raisons. Quelle fin (quelle disparition) prévisible pour l'éducation ? Alors, vivre sans éducation ? Moins bien ? Mieux ?...

Re/Assembling the Pregnant and Parenting Teenager

In 2003, Wendy Luttrell posed an important question: what might result if we were able to turn questions of judgement about pregnant and parenting teenagers into questions of interest about their sense of self and identity-making? This book takes up the challenge, offering a re/assemblage of what is, can be and perhaps should be known about teenage pregnancy and parenting in the context of the twenty-first century. The collection pre...

Childhood in World History, 3rd Edition

"Freshly updated with new material, there is no better introduction to childhood in a world context. The breadth of Peter Stearns's knowledge of world history and his analytic acuity makes this an essential text for students of childhood history and for all historians who are learning to appreciate the significance of this subject to an understanding of the human past and the evolving present."

Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World

If you want to separate yourself from the crowd by accomplishing important things or if you want your team/organization to accomplish important things, Deep Work has what it takes to go to the next level. A must read for our email/social media burdened world. Here are my “top 15” takeaways from deep work. If you multi task, jump to number 15. 🙂 . 1. Spend enough time in a state of frenetic shallowness and you permanently reduce your ...

Raise Winning Kids without a Fight

And I can see I am in the minority from some of the other reviews here! But as someone with experience in Skinner's theories of behavior modification (we used ABA on my son early in his autism diagnosis), I can see how useful these ideas could be for many families. One person questioned the idea of using rewards to change behavior, saying that he/she preferred the behavior to be changed because of an intrinsic desire, and saying that...