Fantasy Baseball For Smart People: How To Profit Big During Mlb Season

568b6e7906be9.jpg Author Jonathan Bales
Isbn 978-1508508403
File size 2 MB
Year 2015
Pages 196
Language English
File format EPUB
Category Sport

Book Description:

Billy Beane and the Oakland A's flipped Major League Baseball on its head by questioning widely accepted narratives and approaching roster construction from a scientific, data-driven viewpoint. "Moneyball" revolutionized baseball, and now it's your turn to be the GM.

Fantasy Baseball for Smart People: How to Profit Big During MLB Season is a Moneyball-esque guide to profiting big bucks from your love of fantasy sports. With analysis from top-ranked daily fantasy player CSURAM88, the book examines the advanced strategies used by daily fantasy sports professionals--the guys making hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars playing fantasy sports--to help equip you with the skill set needed to make money playing fantasy baseball.

How to Profit Big During MLB Season tackles fantasy baseball from a mathematical angle, providing you data on which strategies have actually won in the past and giving you all the information you need to gain a major edge on the field. From how to win large tournaments to which stats matter the most to how to leverage public opinion into a competitive edge, you'll learn how to use Moneyball in daily fantasy baseball to turn your love of the game into cash.



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