Festival Samayal

56443f9b06d90.jpg Author Viji Varadarajan
Isbn 978-8190287609
File size 4.8 MB
Year 2014
Pages 183
Language English
File format EPUB
Category Cookbooks

Book Description:

This is the Kindle version of the new and revolutionary book that won the Gourmand award for 'The Best Local Cookery Book' in 2007, gives a new insight into the rich cultural food heritage of the Tamil Community. The significance of a Hindu marriage, the greatness of the lotus flower, the story of the holy basil, the gesture of a 'namaste,' the methodology of food served in a plantain leaf are all inculcated in the Tamil life that go beyond the realms of modern imagination. Food is for the Gods. It is sustenance and incredible energy. Without a doubt the best moments of our life is associated with food. To live life meaningfully, to have a state of mind which is creative for the larger benefit of mankind, to find success without compromising on the values and quality of life, let us seek and accept sathvic food - 'the food of the Gods' - the food 'Blessed by the Gods'. Love is joy and food is love. Enjoy preparing every dish in this book with lots of love and care. Let us never us forget for a minute that the Almighty has gifted us prosperity for our gratitude.



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