Film and Video Intermediality

The Question of Medium Specificity in Contemporary Moving Images

5c2dbe01823de.jpg Author Janna Houwen
Isbn 9781501320972
File size 11.7MB
Year 2017
Pages 344
Language English
File format PDF
Category Cinema

Book Description:

In Film and Video Intermediality, Janna Houwen innovatively rewrites the concept of medium specificity in order to answer the questions “what is meant by video?” and “what is meant by film?” How are these two media (to be) understood? How can film and video be defined as distinct, specific media? In this era of mixed moving media, it is vital to ask these questions precisely and especially on the media of video and film. Mapping the specificity of film and video is indispensable in analyzing and understanding the many contemporary intermedial objects in which film and video are mixed or combined.



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