High-powered Plyometrics, 2nd edition

Plyometrics is an essential part of strength and conditioning programs for the top athletes in nearly every sport. High-Powered Plyometrics provides the most systematic, comprehensive, and practical study of plyometrics available and can give you performance gains you never thought possible through 77 advanced exercises for explosive sports training. This book gives you a complete plyometric-based training program that really works. ...

Massage du ventre et philosophie orientale pour tous

S'inspirant de la médecine traditionnelle chinoise, qui conçoit le corps comme un "système d'énergie", ce livre vous fera découvrir les liens insoupçonnés qui existent entre vos organes, vos émotions et votre environnement. Grâce à des techniques de massage accessibles à tous, vous apprendrez à démystifier votre abdomen pour établir une connexion profonde avec vous-même. Que ce soit pour réduire le stress et apaiser l'esprit, amélior...

HEALTHINF 2009. Proceedings of the International Conference on Health Informatics

The purpose of the International Conference on Health Informatics is to bring together researchers and practitioners interested in the application of information and communication technologies (ICT) to healthcare and medicine in general and to the specialized support to persons with special needs in particular. Databases, networking, graphical interfaces, intelligent decision support systems and specialized programming languages are ...

Treatment With Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe is often called a century. This is because the plant can survive in almost any conditions, or because the person who consumes it significantly extends his life - remains a mystery. Many people are inclined to think that this "talking" name of Aloe received due to both reasons. In nature, there are more than 250 species of Aloe, most of which grow in arid areas of America, Africa, Asia and Europe. Not all species are suitable for...

The Yoga Lifestyle: Using the Flexitarian Method to Ease Stress, Find Balance, and Create a Healthy Life

Create a new world of personal wellness with Doron Hanoch. The Yoga Lifestyle expands on the concept of the flexitarian diet to help you build an entire flexitarian lifestyle. Integrating yoga, Ayurveda, breathing practices, meditation, nutrition, and recipes―the flexitarian method takes a holistic approach to cultivating health and joy. Presenting techniques that can be utilized immediately, this book helps you become flexible in mi...

Role of Neutrophils in Disease Pathogenesis

This book highlights the important role of neutrophils in health as well as in the pathogenesis of various diseases. This book provides a wider picture with regard to the importance of this immune cell type in various diseases with focus on one of its recently discovered properties, NETs. Therapeutic targets aimed to modulate neutrophil functions might provide novel approaches in the treatment of various diseases of infectious and no...

Fit Kids, Smarter Kids

Packed with practical and motivational information, "Fit Kids, Smarter Kids" will help children and their parents to incorporate exercise and healthy eating into a busy lifestyle. This volume also features useful hints and tips on fun activities that kids will enjoy, how to deal with aches and pains, as well as information on what exactly is considered healthy and how exercise makes you feel better.

Food Insecurity, the Obesity Crisis, and Exploitation in the US Food System

This book argues that the factors contributing to obesity as a product of food insecurity have risen largely from the exploitation of vulnerable communities. In the past, food insecurity has been understood as primarily a matter of famine, hunger, and undernutrition. Such an understanding is no longer accurate: food insecurity is now also associated with obesity, the rates of which have increased dramatically in the past thirty years...

Insider's Tell-All Handbook on Weight Training Technique, 3rd Edition

Do you often have sore joints, or muscle injuries? Do you omit some important strength training exercises because they bother some of your joints or muscles? This is how it is with most trainees who want a bigger leaner body. But it shouldn't be so. How about standing apart from the crowd? How about becoming a master of exercise technique, and transforming your progress with building muscle and strength? To benefit from weight traini...