The Good Life with Jesse Dylan

" Jesse Dylan has attracted the most amazing, powerful, and influential leaders in the categories that matter most. It's brilliant-people will love this book!" ~ Leeza Gibbons, television and radio host   "The wisdom and practices in this book will usher you into a holistic way of life that supports your purpose on the planet-to flourish and glow as you deliver your talents, gifts, and skills for the benefit of all beings." ~ Mi...

Idiot's Guides: Yoga

For a person who has never attempted yoga before, it can seem downright daunting. Not anymore! Geared toward the absolute beginner, Idiot's Guides: Yoga teaches dozens of basic yoga poses using a series of full-color, step-by-step illustrations that allow you to clearly see how every aspect of a pose is executed. Realizing that most people who are new to yoga won't be the most flexible or coordinated, Idiot's Guides: Yoga eases the b...

Health Communication in the Changing Media Landscape

This book advances new understandings of how technologies have been harnessed to improve the health of populations; whether the technologies really empower those who use information by providing them with a choice of information; how they shape health policy discourses; how the health information relates to traditional belief systems and local philosophies; the implications for health communicators; how certain forms of silence are p...

Prevenire e curare mangiando

La sindrome metabolica è caratterizzata da numerosi sintomi e racchiude in sé un insieme di fattori che predispongono la persona a svariate malattie tra cui il cancro. Questa sindrome sta diventando la malattia del secolo a causa della sua gravità e frequenza, destinata ad aumentare nel tempo. L'umanità, soprattutto nei Paesi sviluppati, ha mutato profondamente il proprio stile di vita nel corso della storia: da popolo migrante, cacc...

Genetic Diversity

The goal of this book is to present some of the contemporary thoughts on understandings of the genetic diversity patterns and their altering in a changing world. The book is aimed to the ones inspired to study and contemplate genetic diversity and to the audience beyond any frames. Genetic diversity is the entire amount of genes and genotypes in a group of organisms and is of vital importance for their adaptation to different living ...

Advances in Treatment of Hepatitis C and B

This book covers the latest advances in hepatitis C and hepatitis B therapeutics as well as the emerging and investigational treatment strategies. This book is an up-to-date source of information for physicians, residents, and advanced medical students seeking a broader understanding of treatment of viral hepatitis. The authors of the chapters come from many eminent centers around the world and are experts in their respective fields....

The Good Mentoring Toolkit for Healthcare

This book examines how nurses will provide a first-point-of-contact consultation service as an alternative to going to see the doctor. It analyses the different nurse practitioner models around the world and presents a proposal for the UK, using research material to describe the impact of this kind of nurse practitioner on patients, doctors and other nurses. The book proposes practical steps through which this model can be implemente...

The Eye Book: A Complete Guide to Eye Disorders and Health

When all is well with our eyes, most of us take them for granted. But when our vision is blurred or our eyes are itchy and watery, it's hard to concentrate on anything but our eyes. In The Eye Book, three eye care specialists present a comprehensive reference to help readers care for their eyes and protect their vision, with special attention to changes and diseases that occur in the adult years. After detailing how the various parts...

Nutritional Counseling for Lifestyle Change

Nutrition plays a role in the causes, treatment, and/or management of many chronic diseases, yet the physician's primary responsibility is to treat through medication. Translating research findings and clinical experience into practical treatment recommendations, the book focuses on alleviating chronic illnesses with nutritional support and intervention as part of the overall medical approach-- from eating disorders and alcoholism to...

The Palgrave Handbook of Sociocultural Perspectives on Global Mental Health

This handbook incisively explores challenges and opportunities that exist in efforts aimed at addressing inequities in mental health provision across the globe. Drawing on various disciplines across the humanities, psychology, and social sciences it charts the emergence of Global Mental Health as a field of study. It critically reflects on efforts and interventions being made to globalize mental health policies, and discusses key the...