From Clueless To Charming

5678310174420.jpg Author Chris Charms
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Year 2014
Pages 90
Language English
File format PDF
Category Relationships

Book Description:

From Clueless to Charming is THE essential guide every man needs to improve his conversation, social & dating skills in order to become a charming man who can attract and date almost any girl he dreams of.

The ebook includes:

- 5 things every successful man MUST have before even talking to girls.
- 10 things you need to incorporate in your behavior to become more charming.
- The 6 skills you need to master to gain an edge over other guys when competing for a girl's attention.
- The 3 most effective ways to meet new girls.
- 8 sure-fire tips to use next time you’re with a girl.
- The 4 types of openers for successfully meeting cute new girls.
- Case studies, successes, and epic fails that will teach you 5 important things about interacting with girls.
- The 22 exercises that will transform you into a charming desirable man. (A full-on action plan!)



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