Swayne's Advanced Degree in Hold'em

Texas Hold’em is the most popular poker game across North America and Europe. Hold’em’s popularity surged in the early 2000s due to its exposure on television and on the internet. The no-limit betting form is used on the now widely televised World Series of Poker and the World Poker Tour. Because each player only starts with two cards and the remaining cards are shared, Hold’em is highly opportune for strategic and mathematical analy...

Gambling, Freedom and Democracy

As a consequence of the rapid proliferation of commercial gambling in Western-style democracies, governments and communities are encountering a complex array of economic, social and cultural harms associated with this expansion. This book focuses specifically on harms to democratic systems. It examines how people with key roles in democratic structures are vulnerable to subtle influence from the burgeoning profits of gambling. It foc...

Winning Secrets of Online Blackjack

Online gaming is booming. Casino fun without the actual casino has reached its golden age. Like the phenomenal success of betting exchanges, online casinos have put the fun and the odds back in the favor of the aficionado gambler. Winning Secrets of Online Blackjack teaches beginning to seasoned blackjack players how to safely and confidently enter the fast-growing world of online blackjack. Both educational and entertaining, the boo...

Problem Gambling in Europe: Challenges, Prevention, and Interventions

Problem Gambling in Europe Challenges, Prevention, and Interventions Edited by Gerhard Meyer, University of Bremen, Germany Tobias Hayer, University of Bremen, Germany Mark Griffiths, Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom As a leisure activity, gambling dates back to ancient times. More recently, the surge in avenues for gambling―casinos, sports betting, lotteries, and remote media (e.g.,Internet, mobile phone, interactive tele...

Doyle Brunson's Super System 2: A Course in Power Poker

SS2 features winning strategies and professional secrets from the world's best players including new advice from Doyle and the addition of no-limit legend Phil Helmuth, holder of the most world series championships ever. Other superstar contributors includr Daniel Negreanu, 4-time bracelet winner, 2004 Player of the Year, and author of three books including Hold'em Wisdsom for all Players; Lyle Berman, 3-time WSOP bracelet winner and...

The Intelligent Guide to Texas Hold'em Poker

A concise and meticulously researched guide to Texas Hold’em Poker. Teaches the rules of Texas Hold’em, basic strategy, and how to play in a cardroom. More advanced players will benefit from statistical charts, vignettes from actual poker games, and detailed information on how the social and psychological aspects of the game determine strategy. Readers also get a comprehensive analysis of online poker, including how to use your compu...

Hold'em Wisdom for all Players

For beginning and novice players who want to play and win at Texas hold'em'95% of the card-playing market'this is the perfect antidote. The book is designed for those players who want to learn 'right now' and enjoy instant success at the tables. Fifty quick sections focus on key winning concepts, making learning both easy and fast.

Tournament Poker And The Art Of War

The Art of Winning according to Sun Tzu: - Act in accordance with a plan only after full consideration of the consequences - Try not to damage your enemy, but capture him whole, for thereby your own profit will be increased - Weaken the enemy before engaging him, for his resistance can thereby be diminished before the engagement and you are in consequence strengthened. - Strike always with your own fullest strength against the enemy'...