Red Joker Rules: The 35 Rules of Gambling That All Investors Should Know by Pat Holland

"Gambling is investing, and investing is gambling," says the Red Joker. Both situations begin with a common pool of money. The pool is distributed among those who have created it on the basis of a series of events that are partly controllable. Through a mixture of skills, self-control and sheer luck, some of those who have created it will receive more than others. There is no inherent difference between sifting through a horse's pros...

Building a Bankroll Full Ring Edition

In January of 2010, while players complained about how difficult online poker had become, Pawel “Verneer” Nazarewicz wanted to demonstrate that, with the right approach, building a bankroll from scratch could still be done at the online tables. So starting at the micro stakes, he worked his way up the poker ladder turning $100 into $10,000 in 120 days. He accomplished the same feat a year later in exactly 100 days. In this book, Pawe...

Caro's Book of Tells, the Body Language and Psychology of Poker

One of the ten greatest books written on poker, this must-have book should be in every player's library. If you're serious about winning, you'll realize that most of the profit comes from being able to read your opponents. Caro reveals the secrets of interpreting tells - physical reactions that reveal information about a player's cards - such as shrugs, sighs, shaky hands, eye contact, and many more. Learn when opponents are bluffing...

Gambling and Problem Gambling in Britain by Bob Erens

Despite a rapid increase in the availability of many forms of gambling, there has been little serious study in the literature of the likely effects. This book seeks to fill that gap by reviewing what is known about gambling in Britain and studying work on the nature, prevalence and possible causes of problem gambling.

Gambling in America: An Encyclopedia of History, Issues, and Society (2nd edition)

  This one-volume reference provides a comprehensive overview of gambling in the Americas, examining the history, morality, market growth, and economics of the gaming industry. • Includes documents from prominent court cases • Profiles leading persons and organizations dealing with gambling operations • Features a detailed chronology of events including legalization and laws on Internet gaming • Offers an expanded bibliography t...

How I Made My First Million From Poker

From the man who literally CREATED the poker e-book market and its poster child, Let There Be Range (a two-thousand dollar poker manual for high-stakes poker professionals), How I Made My First Million from Poker reveals the secrets and strategies Tri Nguyen employed to become a very successful high-stakes poker player. You will learn: • How to win more pots on the river using the concept "No Free Showdown" • Why conventional bankrol...

Das große Humboldt Bridge Buch

Bridge ist eines der beliebtesten Kartenspiele der Welt. Der große humboldt Ratgeber veranschaulicht alle Facetten dieses variantenreichen Spiels. Von den Grundregeln über die Spieldurchführung bis hin zu Reizung, Bridgeethik und Bridgeregeln: Ein sehr anschauliches, informatives und umfassendes Buch für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene.

Kill Everyone: Advanced Strategies for No-Limit Hold 'Em Poker Tournaments and Sit-n-Go's

Kill Phil was a revolutionary poker manual -- its simplified yet potent strategies empowered even rank novices to compete against the world's best poker players. Kill Everyone begins where Kill Phil left off. Its perfect blend of real-time experience, poker math, and computational horsepower combine to create nw concepts and advanced strategies never before seen in print for multi-table tournaments, Sit-n-Go's, and satellites. Kill E...