Videogame Marketing and PR: Vol. 1: Playing to Win

The definitive guide to mastering the essentials behind making, marketing and promoting product to the world’s fastest-growing, most exciting entertainment business—the $13.5 billion computer and videogame industry—is finally here. Everything you need to play with the pros is right at your fingertips. LEARN TO: TOP THE CHARTS MAKE HEADLINES IMPROVE REVIEW SCORES INSPIRE MILLIONS OF FANS ENHANCE JOB PERFORMANCE INCLUDES: IN-DEPTH HOW-...

Geometry and Billiards

Mathematical billiards describe the motion of a mass point in a domain with elastic reflections off the boundary or, equivalently, the behavior of rays of light in a domain with ideally reflecting boundary. From the point of view of differential geometry, the billiard flow is the geodesic flow on a manifold with boundary. This book is devoted to billiards in their relation with differential geometry, classical mechanics, and geometri...

Dark Souls III: Prima Official Game Guide

The Dark Souls III guide includes... Comprehensive Walkthrough with Detailed Maps: Learn the location of every dangerous encounter, trap, shortcut, and important item in every area of the game. Equipment, Spell, and Item Data: A full armory of items, weapons, spells, armor, and upgrades for your perusal. Learn where the best equipment is located and how best to level it up. Character Build Analysis and Strategies: Use our authors’ ex...

GameMaker: Studio 100 Programming Challenges

Push your GameMaker programming skills to the edge with 100 programming challenges using the popular GameMaker: Studio and GML. Each challenge includes an outline of the challenge, a scoring and time guide, useful GML code, and a working example provided in GMZ format. For more advanced programmers, each challenge comes with an additional task to complete. Think you're a good GameMaker game application developer or programmer? Think ...

Final Fantasy XV: Standard Edition

¨The 100% complete guide to Final Fantasy XV: all missions, all side quests, all secrets, all collectibles, all Trophies and Achievements – at your fingertips! The dedicated Walkthrough charts your critical path through the main narrative. It also provides regular prompts and tips directing players to side quests and other optional features within the game world of Eos, allowing for a fully streamlined experience. All-encompassing Be...

Final Fantasy X-2 Official Strategy Guide

BradyGames' FINAL FANTASY X-2 Official Strategy Guide provides a step-by-step walkthrough, which shows how to complete every mission and trigger every scene. The guide also features complete abilities lists for all 17 dresspheres and special dresspheres. The abilities and status bonuses for all 60 Garment Grids are also revealed in this detailed section. All-inclusive bestiary uncovers everything gamers need to know about each fiend-...

Entertainment Computing - ICEC 2015

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Entertainment Computing, ICEC 2015, held in Trondheim, Norway, in September/October 2015. The 26 full papers, 6 short papers, 16 posters, 6 demos and 6 workshops/tutorial descriptions presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 106 submissions. The multidisciplinary nature of Entertainment Computing is reflected by the papers. They focus on...

No Limit: The Texas Hold'Em Guide to Winning in Business

Poker is tightly woven into the fabric of American culture. Phrases like 'ace in the hole', 'calling a bluff', 'up the ante,' and 'when the chips are down' are all part of everyday speech. The game is played by hundred of thousands of people online 24 hours a day and shows like Celebrity Poker Showdown have given this hobby even more far-reaching exposure. Texas Hold 'em is considered the best-known, most-played variety of the game. ...

Game Development Essentials: Game Industry Career Guide

An up-to-date and highly practical insider's guide to the game industry that maps to the growing number of courses in Game Development programs that introduce students to the workings of the industry and to job search/career growth strategies. The book offers a clear and thorough analysis of the game industry, knowledgeably exploring its culture, career paths, and typical company structure. The authors offer expert advice on finding ...