Apprendre à coder grâce à Minecraft

Cet ouvrage s’adresse à tous les jeunes qui aiment jouer à Minecraft et qui souhaitent s’initier à la programmation pour aller plus loin. Et quitte à découvrir le code, autant s’initier à Python, un langage puissant, facile à assimiler et amusant. En programmant dans Minecraft, tu pourras rendre tes aventures encore plus passionnantes, originales et personnelles. Tu détourneras en outre des éléments du jeu pour les faire agir de faço...

50 Games for Going Green

Activate your students’ interest in environmental issues with these fun physical activities! With 50 Games for Going Green: Physical Activities That Teach Healthy Environmental Concepts, teachers and youth leaders will find easy-to-present games and activities to inspire and educate students about caring for the environment. Authors Carol Scaini and Carolyn Evans have created a range of innovative activities to help students learn th...

Contemporary Research on Intertextuality in Video Games

Culture is dependent upon intertextuality to fuel the consumption and production of new media. The notion of intertextuality has gone through many iterations, but what remains constant is its stalwart application to bring to light what audiences value through the marriages of disparate ideology and references. Videogames, in particular, have a longstanding tradition of weaving texts together in multimedia formats that interact direct...

Bloody Omaha: The Battle for Omaha Beach: D-Day, 6 June 1944

For those who missed Saving Private Ryan, Omaha Beach was one of two landing areas assaulted by the US Army on D-Day. The landings there were the most costly in lives and equipment of all the D-Day landings - hence the name Bloody Omaha. The German defenders along this section of the Normandy coastline were from 352. Infanteriedivision, the 352nd Infantry Division. This formation was fully prepared for combat and ready to return to t...

The Complete Hedgehog, Volume 1

The Hedgehog is a thoroughly modern defense where flexibility and understanding trump rote memorization. Using deeply annotated critical games from international practice, GM Sergey Shipov traces the Hedgehog's development - from its origins as a way to avoid well-trodden paths to its current status as a respected weapon in Black's armory. The Hedgehog has been adopted by the likes of Tal, Larsen, Adams, Kasparov, Kamsky, and Karpov....

Ancient Egyptians at Play: Board Games Across Borders

The rich history of Egypt has provided famous examples of board games played in antiquity. Each of these games provides evidence of contact between Egypt and its neighbours. From pre-dynastic rule to Arab and Ottoman invasions, Egypt's past is visible on game boards. This volume starts by introducing the reader to board games as well as instruments of chance and goes on to trace the history and distribution of ancient Egyptian games,...

Soviet Combat Vehicle Handbook (Twilight 2000)

Soviet Combat Vehicle Handbook supplements and extends the basic vehicle listing provided with the Twilight: 2000 rules. More than 60 vehicles are represented, ranging from the WWII BA-64 armored car and the T-34/85 tank through the latest variations of the T-80 to the T-90 FST (future Soviet tank). Plus a prototype binary propellant tank gun and three combat hovercraft not presently in service. To top it off, the vehicle guide inclu...

Art of Chess Analysis

Each game is critically dissected, and each claim of a mistake backed up by hard analysis. In striving for perfection Timman seeks to discover the truth of each game; to provide not just a wonderful annotated game, but to present the definitive evaluation behind a top-class struggle between two great minds.

Unity 3D and PlayMaker Essentials

In introducing new students to video game development, there are two crucial components to consider: design and implementation. Unity 3D and PlayMaker Essentials: Game Development from Concept to Publishing provides theoretical background on topics such as characters, stories, level design, interface design, audio, game mechanics, and tools and skills needed. Each chapter focuses on a specific topic, with topics building upon each ot...

Gagner aux échecs. Cahiers de jeux, exercices corrigés pour s'entraîner

Vous souhaitez vous remettre à niveau ? Vous désirez vous perfectionner ? Vous voulez progresser ? Les ouvrages de la collection Cahiers de jeux sont faits pour vous ! Abondamment illustrés et rédigés par des experts, ces livres vous permettront de vous exercer sans le stress de la partie "vraie". Grâce à des conseils avisés et à des exercices corrigés inspirés des situations les plus courantes, vous progresserez rapidement sur les p...