Exploring Representation in Evolutionary Level Design

Automatic content generation is the production of content for games, web pages, or other purposes by procedural means. Search-based automatic content generation employs search-based algorithms to accomplish automatic content generation. This book presents a number of different techniques for search-based automatic content generation where the search algorithm is an evolutionary algorithm. The chapters treat puzzle design, the creatio...

Chess Openings for Black, Explained: (Revised and Updated)

This is the BEST format for an opening book I have ever seen. You can read it without a board since there are many diagrams. There are just enough variations to give you the idea of where the important sidelines are. There are 'memory marker' positions at the end of every chapter and the openings chosen are unbalanced and fun to play. This is possibly the only opening book you will need as black.....

Relentless: Lee Sedol vs Gu Li

Wonderful teaching tool. The book provides sophisticated but comprehensible analyses of the subject games. I am relatively new to Go, but believe that the materials would be useful to a broad range of skill sets.

How LEGO®-Based Therapy for Autism Works

"You know, Dr. Dan, that kid is from my planet." With in-depth descriptions of LEGO®-based therapy in action, this book explains how and why it helps to promote the development of social skills for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) and related conditions. Written by Daniel B. LeGoff, who pioneered the approach, this book comprises a series of case histories of children who participated in LEGO® therapy. It traces the dev...

Star Worlds : Freedom Versus Control in Online Gameworlds

Star Worlds explores the future-oriented universe of online virtual worlds connected with popular science fiction—specifically, with Star Wars and Star Trek—that have been inhabited for over a decade by computer gamers. The Star Wars and Star Trek franchises, both of which have shaped the dominant science fiction mythologies of the last half-century, offer profound conceptions of the tension between freedom and control in human econo...

Video Game Law

I have been a game studio owner for 10 years now, and Greg Boyd's prior book was the primer I used gain the foundational knowledge I needed to make that leap into the true business end of the video game business. This new volume, updated and adapted to a decade+ of massive changes in an ever quickly-evolving industry, is an even better legal reference, and should be considered required reading for everyone looking to build good compa...

Modern Chess Openings, 15th Edition

Every edition of MCO is a useful reference book. However, none of them will give a chess player a good understanding of any chess opening. Using this alone (without a database of chess games) will get you killed in correspondence chess games. This is a great reference for chess buffs. I also have the 14th edition of this book, Serious chess players should get either one of these references.

Physically Based Shader :Develop Custom Lighting Systems

This is an excellent book! I've spent the last year or so trying to learn more about the Rendering Pipeline and Shader Programming, but the only information that I could find was kind of piecemeal, outdated and spread out over many, many sources. I was amazed to see that this book collects all of that information into a single place and the author does a great job of explaining otherwise very jargon heavy concepts. If you're looking ...

The Fallen Tower: Las Vegas

The Ascension War sputtered to an end thanks to human apathy. The Council of Nine Traditions now sits on a cusp, as certain mages try once more to re-ignite hope in themselves and others -- not just hope, but a striving for something, anything. Others want things to stay the same, to maintain the current, feeble status quo. This conflict threatens to destroy all truces -- not just the cease-fire between the Technocracy and the Tradit...

The Guide to Computer Simulations and Games

What's in a game? Often, a learning tool What do simulations and games have in common? Surprisingly, just about everything. The methods used to create both are much the same; the underlying technology is identical. But games are fun. That makes them an excellent learning tool. If you're a professional trainer, educator, development team leader, or corporate decision-maker, this book will help you understand and use games and simulati...